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Issue 91
18th October 2004

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Opposite the entrance
of Hurghada Airport
For more details 012 370 93 71
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Features & Articles

Tips for Shooting Underwater Photos

Being a good photographer on land may not be good enough when it comes to shooting under water. Water absorbs colour, reduces visibility, magnifies objects and the light you take for granted on land becomes dark, blurry blue the deeper you dive.

While the following tips may correct some underwater photo problems, there is no substitute for experience and practice - shoot a lot of film!

  • Cameras. The choices are many. Consider weight, simplicity and ease of use. Don't try to shoot underwater until you're certified and have a few dives comfortably under your weight belt. You will take better pictures if you aren't shaking or unstable in the water.

  • Use a flash. Since colours are filtered out the deeper you go, a flash (strobe) is necessary to restore the natural colour spectrum to the otherwise blue world.

  • Balance flash to daylight. By using flash balanced in power to the available sunlight you can achieve natural-looking photographs. Make sure you position the flash at a 45-degree angle and close to the subject. This way you get divers floating against a beautiful blue background and not black backgrounds and snowy back-scatter from floating particles.

  • Shoot at mid-day in shallow water. Due to the greater penetration of the sun's rays between 10am and 2pm, this is the best time for underwater photography.

  • Get close. Suspended particles of sediment and plankton cloud your normal vision and make it necessary to get as close as possible to your subject. Get the widest angle lens you can afford.

  • Shoot up. Shoot at a slightly upward angle toward the surface when possible. This will produce a clean blue background clear of excessive detail that may unnecessarily clutter a photo.

  • Film. Using slide film is cheaper than prints, giving you the opportunity to experiment more until you develop your own exposure guides based on your equipment.

  • Exposure. Shoot test rolls to develop your own guide system. By using slower shutter speeds as you go deeper, you will be able to keep natural light present in the photographs.

Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh




Dry Suits Available NOW!!!

NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from NOW!! In time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals.

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff
[email protected]


Preparatory Schools to be Linked to Internet

Egypt Minister of Education has announced that a project, in co-operation with the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, would soon go to link all preparatory schools (about 7,000) to the internet countrywide. The total number of school students in Egypt is now put at 15.4 million, served by 38,000 schools.

Zero Gravity
Esplanada Mall (behind McDonalds Restaurant)
We are stocking all major scuba equipment brands.
Zero Gravity Dive Shop - 0105468800
[email protected]

What's O n ... in Hurghada

Liquid Lounge - Formally "The Chill" - Tabia Beach - Sekalla - Hurghada




Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 3603103 - mobile: 012 3399334





for diving



[email protected]

Parents & Kids

Football for Kids in Hurghada

If your child is interested in learning to play football, bring them along for some coaching and lots of fun to:

The football ground opposite the Sultan Beach Hotel

Friday & Saturday : 2.00pm
Tuesday : 3.00pm

100 LE per month including football shirt and shorts


For Sale/For Rent/Wanted

Have something to sell, want to buy a car, need to rent an apartment?
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DVD/CD/VCD/MP3 player for sale ... more details

Sea&Sea Housing & Nikon Camera for sale ... more details

Bed for sale ... more details

Waterski Boat, top of the line skiboat ... more details

Ladies full diving equipment for sale ... more details

Safari boat, 26 meter, fully equipped, licence for ... more details

Sony Camera, housing and plenty of accessories, nearly new ... more details

Camera, Housing, Accessories, Carrying Case, Digital Still Camera and much more ... more details
Range Rover ... more details
El Gouna apartment for sale, 2 bedrooms, overlooks ... more details

Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Hurghada ... more details

Looking for staff, looking for work?
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Front Office for dive center ... more details
Two females wanted to work in a nursery ... more details

Two Instructors & Dive Masters wanted ... more details

Dive Guide wanted ... more details
Sales Staff wanted ... more details
Receptionist / Admin Assistant wanted ... more details
Sales Person wanted ... more details
Chef wanted... more details
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