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Issue 90
11th October 2004

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Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 3603103 - mobile: 012 3399334





for diving



[email protected]

Features & Articles

Birgit Baumann

Birgit Baumann has a workshop with about 45 paintings and natural object art to choose. The sizes vary from 60x80cm to 140x80cm.

Come to visit her atelier and contact her:
010 5464400

Would you like me to paint you in oil?

Within a week you will have an 'inside' portrait of yourself or someone to surprise with.
This expressive, non realistic painting technique, allows to show a momentary close-up of a person's character rather than showing features in a photographic manner. To see more paintings visit her website

Discover ElGouna.Com - Red Sea's premier leisure destination


Tourism Effected?

Egyptian tourism officials insist that the car bombs that exploded in the Sinai tourist spots will not hurt our tourism industry.

Hala al-Khatib, spokeswoman for Egypt's tourism ministry, said Taba has 2,560 hotel rooms, a tiny fraction of the 140,000 rooms in Egypt.
"I don't think there will be any long-term effect," she said. "This is a specific attack on a very limited area."

Six Paris travel agencies surveyed said that they had not had a single cancellation and one stated that people didn't really seem worried. An Italian travel agency stated that they had had only a few cancellations and a Moscow based travel agency has said that people seem to have taken the incident calmly.

The team send our condolences to all those affected by the events in Sinai.

Zero Gravity
Esplanada Mall (behind McDonalds Restaurant)
We are stocking all major scuba equipment brands.
Zero Gravity Dive Shop - 0105468800
[email protected]

Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh




Dry Suits Available NOW!!!

NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from NOW!! In time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals.

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff
[email protected]

What's On


Tuesday 12th October 2004 @ Chinese Garden

Cairo Conference Centre

Doors open at 8pm

Opposite the entrance
of Hurghada Airport
For more details 012 370 93 71
[email protected]
Thinking about Nitrox?
Nitrox Rotary Silent LP 280
LP 560 now in stock
LP 280 - 430 l/min for 32% O2
LP560 - 860 l/min for 32% O2
  or 280 l/min for 40% O2   or 560 l/min for 40% O2

Parents & Kids

Learning Good Ball Skills

To encourage the development of ball skills in your children, get them to practise the following:

  • Stand on the spot and throw a ball up into the air with one hand, catching it with two hands.

  • Bounce a ball with their left hand and catch it with their right hand (and vice versa).

  • Throw a ball into the air, let it bounce and then catch it.

  • Walk around while bouncing and catching a ball.

  • Walk around while throwing a ball into the air and catching it.

  • Stand on the spot and throw a ball from one hand to the other and back again.

  • Walk around while throwing a ball from one hand to the other and back again.


For Sale/For Rent/Wanted

Have something to sell, want to buy a car, need to rent an apartment?
Visit the Red Sea Forums to find what you need

Sea&Sea Housing & Nikon Camera for sale ... more details

Various items for sale - weights & bars, video, table & chairs ... more details

Waterski Boat, top of the line skiboat ... more details

Ladies full diving equipment for sale ... more details

Safari boat, 26 meter, fully equipped, licence for ... more details

Sony Camera, housing and plenty of accessories, nearly new ... more details

Camera, Housing, Accessories, Carrying Case, Digital Still Camera and much more ... more details
Range Rover ... more details
El Gouna apartment for sale, 2 bedrooms, overlooks ... more details

Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Hurghada ... more details

Looking for staff, looking for work?
Place your job or your details in our Job Bank for FREE
Two females wanted to work in a nursery ... more details

Two Instructors & Dive Masters wanted ... more details

Dive Guide wanted ... more details
Sales Staff wanted ... more details
Receptionist / Admin Assistant wanted ... more details
Sales Person wanted ... more details
Chef wanted... more details
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