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Job Title: Diving Instructor / Dive Guide
Job Title: Secretary NEW
Job Title: Real Estate Salesperson
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Features & Articles

How to get your mind off serious matters...........

Living in on the Red Sea we are extremely privileged as there are quite a few ways to avoid the temptation of sitting in front of the news and being bombarded with news. Of course one needs to be aware of the situation but one can't get totally immersed in it. So here are a few activities that you can do to relax!

  1. Escape and go to Mahmaya - on Giftun Island or Ras Mohammed for the day.
  2. Join the fun at the Summer Kite Intro - Procenter Tommy Friedl (Jasmin Village Hotel, Hurghada
  3. Go Diving or snorkeling we hear that the water is now a warm 21°C!
  4. Meet up with friends for a nice relaxed dinner and drinks in one of the Papas Bars.
  5. Treat yourself to a massage in one of the health clubs.
  6. We've seen the quad trips... but how many have done the trip? Go on take the chance and join in the fun
  7. Join an evening exercise class!
  8. Go to El Gouna for the day......
  9. Have lunch in Qusier
  10. Gather some friends and go into the desert for the day with a picnic.

Local News

US Readies $2.3 Billion Aid for Egypt to Offset War

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is expected to provide Middle East ally Egypt with $2.3 billion in loans and grants to help it weather the economic shock of a war with Iraq, people familiar with the plan said on Thursday.
The Egyptian aid package, which is expected to include $2 billion in U.S. loan guarantees and $300 million in economic grants, would be included in a $75 billion-plus war budget that President Bush will send to Congress as early as Friday.

In addition to the aid for Egypt, the United States is expected to provide Israel with $1 billion in direct military assistance and $9 billion in loan guarantees. Jordan is also expected to receive more than $1 billion in U.S. aid, including subsidized oil.

Where to Get the news?

Luckily in this age of Satellite TV and internet we are no longer dependent on Radio broadcasts local media, out of date international press and good old gossip. There are many ways of receiving up to date news (biased or not is another question)
Here are some news channels available on the internet as well a that mainstay of the expatriate BBC World Service Radio.

Egypt Daily Al Jazeera
BBC radio info Al Ahram
Reuters MSN Arabia
Sky News CNN in Arabic

Rumors."the flights are being cancelled!" . Here's the real situation........

Thomas Cook said that the rumors about flight cancellations etc are wrong. They are still flying but there may be a reduction in flights as there are less clients. "We are still flying."
Despite cancellations in holiday bookings the situation with Flash Tours a very large local agent dealing mainly with Italians, German and Russians is maintaining the same number of flights from Europe, and will continue to do so as long as there are tourists coming to the Red Sea.
For Monarch and Excel flights from England it is business as usual.
(Please note that these details were correct at the time of sending)

  puppy cat
Animal corner!
Animal Tip of the week:
Please never ever let your puppy or kitten be vaccinated under the age of 3 months! Keep them warm and away from the street to avoid infections.
New Veterinary Doctor in town:
Dr. Sameh el Sayed Shata - Veterinary Department Hurghada-downtown, behind Government Dept.Store
Clinic hours: 0900 am – 1:30 pm
Tel: Home 54 25 00 (5:00-6:00 pm)
Mobile: 0122319366
Homes wanted! Can you please open your heart to one of these lovely, innocent animals?
They all deserve a loving family and home for life.

Rescued from
1 silver gray, female Tabby kitten
6 months
dog attack
Mrs Emilia - 065 44 75 11 or 0122873515
1 Tortoiseshell kitten 8 weeks  
1 affectionate, silvergrey Tabby tomcat, half Persian, 1 year accident
Mrs. Renate - 065 44 46 05
1 female Baladi mother dog and 1 puppy 1 - 2 years beach
Dr, Moustafa - 065 44 59 02, 0122339705
2 lovely, orphaned puppies one male, black and white, one female white 6 weeks being clubbed to death
Mrs.Doris -065 44 63 63, 0105446803
2 cute puppies, 3 months old 3 months Dahar
Mrs. Mireille - Fax: 065 44 44 22, 0122491339


Last week we ran an article for the Egyptian Society of Animals, and received feedback from readers about highlighting other charities that help the local communities in the Red Sea. So we are now asking you, the readers to send us an email with information about other charities Egyptian or otherwise that help the local communities and we will happily add the information to the newsletter.


25- March
27- March
W 5
NW 3-4
NW 2

What's On

Papas Bar Logo Papas Bar - No 1 Nightlife
25th 20th Divers Night
Papas 2
  27th Divers Night
Papas 2

29th Quiz night

Kids Karate Club:
Tuesday & Friday: 5:30-6:30pm
Women's self defense:
Tuesday: 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Adult Karate: Beginner level
Tuesday: 8:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 pm
Instructor Hussein 012 796 9454
Private lessons or groups during the day, contact Hussein
Alla's Studio - Kota's Mall Opposite Marlin Inn - Hurghada

Cinema Moonlight

Jackie Chan does 007, sort of, in this stunt-crazy action farce. When Jackie dons a superspy's high-tech tux, all hell breaks loose and our hero must save the world with the help of all kinds of groovy gizmos including Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Parents & Kids Guide
Parents & Kids
Activity Make a fake brick!
1. Mark out a large rectangle, which fits the sponge, getting rid of all the curvy bits.
2. Draw a smaller rectangle inside that, about a finger’s width in. With a ruler and a marker pen, draw a line down the centre of your sponge.
3. To make the V-Shape in the top of your brick, pinch together the sponge and snip diagonally downwards. Cut down the middle line and take out the sponge.
4. Cut out around the outer rectangle, taking off the curvy bits to make your brick shape.
5. Then all you need to do is paint it.
A large sponge
A ruler
A marker pen
Fake Brick

Jobs (also listed here:
Jobs >> Apply for this Job online<< Email
Job Title: Secretary
Job Description: Office position, the more languages you have the better: (English, French and German are priority languages)
Job Field: Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Job Type: Permanent fulltime
Location: El Gouna
Starting from: 24 March 2003
Salary/Wages: To be discussed
>> Apply for this Job online << Email
Job Title: Sales
Job Description: Real Estate Sales - must have sales experience plus the more languages you have the better (real estate experience not necessary)
Job Field: Sales
Job Type: Fulltime
Location: El Gouna
Starting from: 24 March 2003
Salary/Wages: To be discussed

For Sale
Hewlett Packard Deskjet 690C Colour Photo Printer. 250 LE. Please contact : Margaret Guenena 065 442566 or 012 381 2137. Hurghada. Medium Seaquest Balance Wings, Integrated BCD. Good condition. $150 o.n.o. Please contact: Lisa or Paul
012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Small Technisub open heel fins. Orange. $20. Please contact: Lisa or Paul 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Mares pocket weight belt, size m-l, 5 pockets. Good as new. $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Lisa or Paul
012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Long Base
4.2 Lt Petrol, 6 Cylinders, Much Loved Fully Equipped for Long Range Desert Traveling. 1982. $9,500.00 o.n.o. Please contact: Francesco in Sharm on 012 3989 096
DVD Player. Pioneer DVL-909 multiregion pal/ntsc, remote control and CD player function one year old. Price LE 1500. Please contact: Karim 010 122 0235. Hurghada
For Rent
One bedroom flat in quiet building and in central location. A/C, satellite TV, telephone & balcony. Please contact : 012 227 9135. Hurghada.
Mountain Bike required, new or used. Contact Jayne.
Nursery School Assistant to work part-time (afternoons), leading to full-time, in British run nursery. Must speak good English. Please contact : Sue 065 447314. Hurghada. Seeking French Tutor for evening sessions. Please contact Anja by e-mail: [email protected] (Hurghada).

If you have any real-life experiences, original fiction, poetry, feedback, hints and tips of everyday life in The Red Sea, to be included in the newsletter, please email us at [email protected]


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