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Issue 81
9th August 2004

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El Gouna

Features & Articles

Freediving Continued
by Andy Laurie, NoTanx Freediving School/Emperor Divers, Soma Bay.

Last week we introduced you to the first 3 of 6 main freediving disciplines - Constant Weight, Free Immersion and Static Apnea.

To conclude, here are the remaining 3 disciplines, including the world records for both men and women for each discipline:

Dynamic Apnea: This involves finning up and down a swimming pool to cover a horizontal distance. Physically, it is very demanding. This can either be done in a 25m pool or in a 50m pool. Using a 50m pool is better for this category since fewer turns are necessary which tend to break the rhythm. The freediver travels in a horizontal position underwater attempting to cover the greatest possible distance. Any propulsion aids, other than fins or a monofin, are prohibited. This is sometimes an optional extra discipline in competition
Current World Records:
Men = 200m, Peter Pedersen
Women = 158m, Johanna Nordblad

Variable Weight: In the discipline known as Variable Weight the freediver descends feet first on a weighted sled, which runs along a rope. In the past, freedivers would descend head first, as depicted in the famous Luc Besson movie "Le Grand Bleu"; modern day freedivers choose to descend feet first as this makes the process of equalization easier. On reaching the target depth the freediver must return to the surface by finning and/or pulling along the line. Freedivers usually wear thick neoprene suits (7-9mm) to give extra buoyancy, which makes the ascent easier. This discipline requires excellent equalization and breath-holding ability. Variable Weight is one, of two, depth disciplines using a sled to descend in the water.
Current World Records:
Men = 120m, Patrick Musimu (Belgium)
Women = 122m, Tanya Streeter (USA)

No Limits: No Limits freediving is the most spectacular form of freediving and attracts the most press coverage due to the extreme depths and risks involved. In this discipline the freediver descends feet first on a weighted sled which runs along a rope. The sled incorporates a scuba air cylinder and a large air/lift bag. On reaching the target depth the freediver inflates the air bag with air from the cylinder, which then rushes to the surface, taking the freediver with it. Ascent speeds can be as high as 3-4m/s and can increase the possibility of the freediver suffering from decompression illness, otherwise know as the 'bends'. To reduce the risk of such problems the freediver will usually let the air/lift bag go at around 20-30m and complete the remainder of the ascent slowly, by finning or pulling the rope. No Limits is demanding in terms of mental control, flexibility and equalization, but less so in terms of breath-holding ability due to the fact that No Limits freedivers are mostly static during the dive, usually lasting around 3 minutes.
Current World Records:
Men = 164m, Loic Leferme (France)
Women = 160m, Tanya Streeter (USA)

No Tanx

For any more information on Freediving in the Red Sea please contact Andy at [email protected]

Local News

13th August - 4 days to go .... !

Good luck to ...

MERSAL Hatem Athletics METWALLI Amrou Hockey
ALY Mohamed Boxing MOHAMED Sameh Hockey
HIKAL Mohamed Boxing ABOUMEDAN Elsayed Judo
ISMAIL Ahmed Boxing AWAD Haitham Judo
KHOULEF Saleh Boxing ELGHARABAWY Bassel Judo
YASSER Ramadan Boxing ELSHEHABY Islam Judo
SAKAKINI Saleh Equestrian MESBAH Hesham Judo
SAIF EL DIN SABRY Mohamad Fencing MOHAMED Amin Judo
TAHOUN Tamer Mohamed Fencing RAMADAN Samah Judo
ABDELDAYEM Mahmoud Handball ABD EL KHALEK Omnia Modern Pentathlon
ALY Abd Alla Handball ABDEL Raouf Modern Pentathlon
ASAAD Wael Handball ELGEZIRY Emad Modern Pentathlon
BADAWY Ehab Handball KOTB Ahmed Modern Pentathlon
BAKIR Mohamed Handball MEDANY Aya Modern Pentathlon
BELAL Saber Handball ALY IBRAHIM Aly Rowing
EL SAYED Marwan Handball MOUSSA Doaa Rowing
ELAHMAR Ahmed Handball ABDULLAH Mohamed Shooting
ELFAKHARANY Hany Handball SABET Tarek Shooting
HASSAN Mohamed Handball ISMAIL Salama Swimming
HEGAZY Sherif Handball ABD EL GAWAD Heba & ALLAM Dallia Synchronised Swimming
HUSSEIN Hussein Handball ABOU HALAWA Esraa Taekwondo
ISSA Ihab Handball ESSAWY Abeer Taekwondo
KESHK Mohamed Handball HASHEM Tamer Taekwondo
MABROUK Belal Handball AHMED Esmat Weightlifting
MABROUK Hussein Handball AHMED Hebatalla Weightlifting
MAHMOUD Said Handball EL TANTAWY Mohamed Weightlifting
MOHAMED Ramy Handball MOHAMED Enga Weightlifting
RABIE Hassan Handball MOHAMED Nahla Weightlifting
RAGAB Walid Handball MOHAMMED Gaber Weightlifting
RAMADAN Ahmed Handball ELGHARABLY Ashraf Wrestling
SHARAF ELDIN Mohamad Handball IBRAHIM Karam Wrestling
ABD EL AZIZ Karim Hockey MOHAMED Mohamed Wrestling



Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 603103 - mobile: 012 3399334

[email protected]

What's On ... in Hurghada

Bordiehn´s Restaurant is proud to present


Junior Ballet and Dance Group Class

in Cooperation with

Dance and Acrobatic school SABIROVA

Alla Sabirova / Elvira Smirnova

Dance & Music performance

Monday 9th & Friday 13th August
8.30 pm
free of charge

Bordiehn´s Restaurant, Villa Kunterbunt
0101232354 or 1015459991

Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh



NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from September 2004, in time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff
[email protected]

Parents & Kids

Popsicle Rocket Ships

Pick your three favorite colours or flavour of juice. Get several small paper cups. Pour the first juice into the bottom, filling the cup up one third of the way. Freeze it. Then remove from the freezer and put a popsicle stick in the middle and pour the next juice on top and around the stick. Freeze. Take out of the freezer and add the third juice. Freeze. When it’s all frozen, remove the paper cups and eat your rocket popsicle!

There are many things you can make your popsicles out of: any flavour of juice, any soft drink (Coke, Sprite, etc.), pudding, pureed fruits, jelly, applesauce, cranberry sauce, juice from canned fruit, etc. You can also add sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, marshmallows or anything else like that to your popsicles as they are freezing.

Moby Dick


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
FOR SALE - Camera: Canon Optura, Mini DV (very small and easy to handle), American NTSC system. Housing: Amphibico Explorer (one of the best brands in the world), Model MV 1 (exactly the same size of the camera), goes to 99 meters max depth. Accessories: 2 Power supply chargers, 2 remote controls for the camera, 3 batteries, extra O-ring for housing. Carrying Case: Pelican Case 1600, protective, shock proof, water and pressure proof, very robust. Carries all the above plus the digital still camera included in this offer. Digital Still Camera: FujiFilm FinePix A201, 2.0 Mega Pixels with small carrying case, included are 2 memory cards 16MB and 32 MB.
The total for the above package U.S.$2,500. They all have been used no more than 10 times and are less than 3 years old. Please contact Omar El-Naggar. Mobile:
010-105-0545 or Work: (202) 705-7044 10am-8pm Sun-Wed, Thur 10am-6pm and Fri & Sat closed. Cairo Resident.
Furniture clearance sale. Bed, matress, oven, 6hp air conditioner, play station 1, cd/stereo. Prices open for negotiation. Please call : Silke 012 321 5273. Hurghada.
Range Rover for sale. Beautiful black, 1986, Range Rover 3.5 V8 with leather interior, full option including AC, electric windows, power steering. For more information call: 012 311 3434 (El Gouna)
Apartment for sale (upper floor) in Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna resort. Two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 guest bathroom, open kitchen, large reception, balcony. Overlooks the sea and Club House. Including A/Cs and possibly almost new furniture. Please call: 010 500 0625.
Russian speaking sales person wanted (male or female, any nationality) to work in a tourist gift shop. Telephone : 010 520 8368. Hurghada.
Speed boat or glass boat wanted to buy, around 7 meters in length, with or without engine. Please contact [email protected] (Safaga)
Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Sakala, Hurghada. Minimum 2 bedrooms, fully furnished & phone connection. Please email [email protected]
Chef wanted - local or international - for The Club House, El Gouna. For more information, please call 012 311 3434 or email [email protected]
Camel Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh, is looking for an Assistant Operations Manager to join our experienced management staff. The successful candidate must be:
• A native German speaker fluent in English. Other languages an advantage.
• An experienced & renewed PADI instructor with at least 300 certifications
• Highly motivated with a commitment to customer service
• A skilled communicator with exceptional organizational skills
• Available for a minimum of three years
Management experience preferred but not essential. Work experience in the Red Sea an advantage. Salary Package on application. Applications with C.V.& Photo to [email protected] or by fax +20 69 600 601

Les Petites Nursery, El Gouna, is looking for a female from overseas who can speak & read English or an Egyptian English Teacher. For an appointment please call: 012 393 4407 or 065 549702/03 ext 2225.

Wanted - Home in El Gouna. Looking to purchase or rent a villa/house in El Gouna. Furnished or unfurnished. Please contact: Wendy 012 243 9945
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