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Issue 80
2nd August 2004

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Moby Dick

Features & Articles

What is Freediving?
by Andy Laurie, NoTanx Freediving School/Emperor Divers, Soma Bay.

Most divers and swimmers will have practiced freediving at some point; every time you go underwater, whilst holding your breath, you are freediving; other names include Apnea Diving, Breath-hold Diving and Skin Diving. If you have held your breath underwater and been relaxed then I would say that you are well on your way to being a freediver!

Freediving is a very misunderstood activity due to the lack of information readily available, so to clear things up, below is a comprehensive explanation of all disciplines that freedivers encounter, and you can too!

There are 6 main disciplines of freediving, including the world records for both men and women for each discipline are as follows:

Constant Weight: Descending with only mask, fins/monofin and weight belt using the power of the fins only. The key point is that the diver is not allowed to change his weight during the dive. Constant Weight is one of the two disciplines considered for international competitions, including Static Apnea (see below). In competition you descend down a rope and at your pre-declared target depth there will be a “tag” which is usually on a piece of elastic or thin string so you can easily pull the tag off returning to the surface with it. The freediver can only use the rope for guidance and can pull it once at the target depth only to stop the descent and to assist in starting the ascent.
Current World Records:
Men = 102m, Carlos Coste (Venezuala)
omen = 78m, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank (Canada)

Free Immersion: The freediver descends by pulling along a vertical line without using fins. The movement is more efficient than constant weight, but the action involves a smaller muscle group (mainly the arms), therefore can tire more quickly. Free Immersion is the original depth discipline with the purest sensations. This is due to the speed of the water flowing over the body, and the power of each pull on the rope as the only mean of propulsion. Performances can be done head first during the descent, or feet first, depending on the equalization capabilities of each freediver… some of them even use a combination of the two to get deeper.
Current World Records:
Men = 102m, Martin Stepanek (Czech Rep)
Women = 71m, Annabel Briseno (USA)

Static Apnea: This discipline requires an extremely high degree of mental control. The freediver simply holds their breath with their face underwater for as long as possible. They must enter a very relaxed state so as to minimize oxygen consumption. The freediver lowers their heart rate right down, sometimes to 1 beat every two seconds! The mammalian dive reflex also aids the freediver greatly as this also lowers the heart rate. Eventually, the store of oxygen will reduce to critical levels, resulting in hypoxia, and possibly black-out if the freediver fails to listen to his body or ignores what they hear. The current records stands at over 8 minutes, but the human body can survive for much longer in a state of apnea. Apnea is the scientific term for breath-holding, literally meaning 'without air'.
Current World Records:
Men = 8mins 47secs, Tom Seitas
Women = 6mins 31secs, Lotta Ericsson

Dynamic Apnea, Variable Weight and No Limits to follow next week ...

No Tanx

For any more information on Freediving in the Red Sea please contact Andy at [email protected]

Local News

Tourists Continue Flocking to Egypt

This year Egypt has attracted a record 6 million foreign visitors, a 16.4 percent increase over the past year.

The sharp depreciation of the Egyptian pound, which followed the floating of the currency in January 2003, and an aggressive and international advertising campaign, contributed to the sector's strong performance as the country's top foreign-exchange earner, bringing in $4.3 billion.

Mamdouh El Beltagy, who was the Tourism Minister until early this month and is now Egypt's Information Minister, estimated that the number of tourists this year will exceed 7 million. He said that in the first five months of 2004, Egypt had 3.2 million foreign visitors, up 68 percent from the same period last year.

The infrastructure demands for the increasing inflow of tourists — modern airports, road networks, ports, telecommunications, international-standard hotels, catering and tour facilities — is having a positive spillover effect on the rest of the economy.

Egypt is preparing with joint-venture partners to build a new airport in the Suez region. Plans also are under way to increase the main air-cargo hub in Cairo and expand the hub for cargo and passengers near Sharm el Sheik.



Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 603103 - mobile: 012 3399334

[email protected]

What's On ... in Hurghada

NEW to Hurghada!
Hurghada Paintball Xtreme

Situated on Sheraton Road
(between Safir Hotel and the old Sheraton Hotel)

Minimum 5 players per team.
Each game lasts approximately 1-2 hours.
Children aged 12 years and over can play.

Admission price includes all equipment - clothing, goggles, masks - and 200 paintballs!

Open 24 hours a day - call to arrange a game at your convenience!

Telephone: 012 734 8648 or 012 388 4773
Email : [email protected]

El Gouna

Parents & Kids

Summer Egyptian Recipes for Children

Ice Cube Necklace

  • Cut some string the length you want for a necklace.
  • Find things that you can put into your ice cubes, such as little stones that are pretty, leaves, tiny flowers, marbles, beads, etc.
  • Put the items into the ice cube tray then fill it with water.
  • Lay your piece of string on top, making sure that it goes into each cube.
  • Put the tray into the freezer and when it is all frozen, carefully take them out.
You should have an ice cube necklace that you can put on during hot summer days, and when it melts, it will cool you down!

Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh



NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from September 2004, in time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff
[email protected]


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
FOR SALE - Camera: Canon Optura, Mini DV (very small and easy to handle), American NTSC system. Housing: Amphibico Explorer (one of the best brands in the world), Model MV 1 (exactly the same size of the camera), goes to 99 meters max depth. Accessories: 2 Power supply chargers, 2 remote controls for the camera, 3 batteries, extra O-ring for housing. Carrying Case: Pelican Case 1600, protective, shock proof, water and pressure proof, very robust. Carries all the above plus the digital still camera included in this offer. Digital Still Camera: FujiFilm FinePix A201, 2.0 Mega Pixels with small carrying case, included are 2 memory cards 16MB and 32 MB.
The total for the above package U.S.$2,500. They all have been used no more than 10 times and are less than 3 years old. Please contact Omar El-Naggar. Mobile:
010-105-0545 or Work: (202) 705-7044 10am-8pm Sun-Wed, Thur 10am-6pm and Fri & Sat closed. Cairo Resident.
NOKIA 7650 Photo mobile phone for sale. Including table charging station and leather bag. Languages German/English. Please contact 0105468800. Hurghada.
Furniture clearance sale. Bed, matress, oven, 6hp air conditioner, play station 1, cd/stereo. Prices open for negotiation. Please call : Silke 012 321 5273. Hurghada.
Range Rover for sale. Beautiful black, 1986, Range Rover 3.5 V8 with leather interior, full option including AC, electric windows, power steering. For more information call: 012 311 3434 (El Gouna)
Apartment for sale (upper floor) in Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna resort. Two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 guest bathroom, open kitchen, large reception, balcony. Overlooks the sea and Club House. Including A/Cs and possibly almost new furniture. Please call: 010 500 0625.
Russian speaking sales person wanted (male or female, any nationality) to work in a tourist gift shop. Telephone : 010 520 8368. Hurghada.
Speed boat or glass boat wanted to buy, around 7 meters in length, with or without engine. Please contact [email protected] (Safaga)
Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Sakala, Hurghada. Minimum 2 bedrooms, fully furnished & phone connection. Please email [email protected]
Chef wanted - local or international - for The Club House, El Gouna. For more information, please call 012 311 3434 or email [email protected]
Camel Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh, is looking for an Assistant Operations Manager to join our experienced management staff. The successful candidate must be:
• A native German speaker fluent in English. Other languages an advantage.
• An experienced & renewed PADI instructor with at least 300 certifications
• Highly motivated with a commitment to customer service
• A skilled communicator with exceptional organizational skills
• Available for a minimum of three years
Management experience preferred but not essential. Work experience in the Red Sea an advantage. Salary Package on application. Applications with C.V.& Photo to [email protected] or by fax +20 69 600 601

Les Petites Nursery, El Gouna, is looking for a female from overseas who can speak & read English or an Egyptian English Teacher. For an appointment please call: 012 393 4407 or 065 549702/03 ext 2225.

Wanted - Home in El Gouna. Looking to purchase or rent a villa/house in El Gouna. Furnished or unfurnished. Please contact: Wendy 012 243 9945
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