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Issue 75
28th June 2004

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Maya Diving and Swim wear
Neoprene Accessories & Repair - Diving Suits - Surf & Kite suits - Swim wear
Contact us: [email protected]
Tel. 010 563 0130/012 326 0893
Tel. 012 715 3456 (For swim wear)
Factory located in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Features & Articles

Culture Shock

Continuing our feature on culture shock from last week, here are the Top Tips for dealing with culture shock.

1. Know that what you are experiencing is normal - What starts as an exciting experience can often lead to a period of time that is uncomfortable. Know that there are many ways to work through the transition and that, as you acculturate to your new community, opportunities and enjoyment increase. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

2. Take great care of you - First, and always.

3. Fully research your destination - What are its customs and language? Where are the schools, shops, entertainment facilities? What's the annual weather like? How do people get around? Are there facilities for the rest of the family? Spend time on the Internet to find out. Consulates, embassies, travel agents and, of course, the local people can provide a huge amount of information.

4. Communicate carefully with yourself and others - Not only are you transitioning to new surroundings but others are trying to get to know you. In our place of origin, much of how we act and communicate is through shared meanings for things whereas in your new location, nuances of behaviour can be very different. Learn to listen deeply to everyone around you and be clear on what is being said. Observe your spoken language as well as the self-talk inside your own head. Is it positive or is it negative? Is it truly what you feel or a reaction to fear and confusion?

5. Create a strong community around you - One of the most important tips: take time to deepen the healthy relationships you currently have and create positive ones in your new community. Don't be afraid to say, "I don't understand" or "I need your help". Many people welcome the opportunity to support others, particularly if they clearly know what it is you need. Having a strong community of loving and positive people can make all the difference in an intercultural transition.

6. Avoid all negativity - Stay positive with yourself and with those around you and avoid toxic people, who drain your energies. If your inner and outer worlds are positive, so your experience will be too.

7. Look forward instead of backward - Often when we move, we remember 'the good old times' of our other location. To smooth out your intercultural transition, be present and moving toward your goals, not spending time comparing 'there' and 'here'.

8. Set yourself goals - Before moving, create goals that are a true reflection of who you are, what is important to you and what you need. Make them clear, realistic and fun. Write them down so that you can look at them again and again. Tell someone about them who can support you and remind you of your intentions. Once you have relocated, create other goals, smaller daily, weekly and monthly goals that pull you along because they are truly yours.

9. Remember "Opportunity" - Above all, find opportunity in every event and have great fun!

El Gouna

Local News

Pharaonic Cemeteries Unearthed Outside Cairo

An Australian archaeological team operating in Egypt has unearthed two 5,000-year-old cemeteries outside the capital. The cemeteries, discovered in the Helwan district, 15 kilometres south of Cairo, date from the first and second dynasties.

The graveyards contained bodies from opposite ends of the social spectrum. The first consisted of shallow graves, while the second comprised more elaborate structures as much as 5.5 metres below the surface, with grave goods including an early written tablet.

What's On ... in Cairo

Ongoing Attractions in Cairo

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar - This vast bazaar of over 900 shops, usually referred to simply as "the Khan", dates back to the 14th century. Originally built as a caravansarai in 1382 by the Emir Djaharks el-Khalili, it is located in the heart of the Fatimid City (Islamic Cairo) and retains one of its Mamluk arches as an entrance to the market.

Ibn Tulun Mosque - The Ibn Tulan mosque is the one of the oldest in the city, built in 879AD by the son of a Turkish slave who later rose through the ranks of the Baghdad Caliphate to become Governor of Egypt. It has a unique minaret which can be ascended by a spiral staircase to afford fabulous views over the Islamic quarter and beyond. It is an amazing monument with a beautifully reflective atmosphere.

The Townhouse Gallery- The Townhouse Gallery is a space for independent arts, aimed at promoting contemporary Arab arts both within the region and internationally.

Museum of Islamic Art - Cairo's Islamic Art Museum is a treasure trove of antiquities dating back to the dawn of Islam in the 7th century AD and continuing through to the end of the Ottoman period in Egypt (1849).

Moby Dick

Parents & Kids

Interactive First Aid Course for 6-12 year olds

Interactive First Aid Course by Dr. Ismail Hisham on 1st & 3rd July at 6.30pm at Diwan,
159, 26th July St., Zamalek, Cairo.

Each session will last for 1.5 hours, targeting the 6-12 age group. Dr. Ismail will add a "fun factor" to the course by showing the children how to perform First Aid, and taking them through it step by step.

Course Fee: 50 LE (siblings will be charged at 40 LE each)

Please note : please register your child in advance, as the course will only take place with a minimum of 10 children. Please telephone (02) 7362598 / 7362578 or email [email protected]


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
Beautiful black 1987 range rover 3.5 V8 with leather interior, full option including AC, electric windows, power steering. for more information call: 012 246 6047
Flat for sale. 1st floor in El Opour City, Nacer City, beside Alfa Market, Cairo. 130 square metres. Super luxury with telephone & private entrance. Price 165,000 LE. Please contact Mr Gamal Elraay. 010 601 5514. [email protected]
Apartment for sale (upper floor) in Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna resort. Two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 guest bathroom, open kitchen, large reception, balcony. Overlooks the sea and Club House. Including A/Cs and possibly almost new furniture. Please call : 010 500 0625.
We are looking for a chef, local or foreign; doesn't matter so long as they are good for The Club House, El Gouna!
For more information call: 012 311 3434 or [email protected]
Camel Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh, is looking for an Assistant Operations Manager to join our experienced management staff. The successful candidate must be:
• A native German speaker fluent in English. Other languages an advantage.
• An experienced & renewed PADI instructor with at least 300 certifications
• Highly motivated with a commitment to customer service
• A skilled communicator with exceptional organizational skills
• Available for a minimum of three years
Management experience preferred but not essential. Work experience in the Red Sea an advantage. Salary Package on application. Applications with C.V.& Photo to [email protected] or by fax +20 69 600 601

Les Petites Nursery, El Gouna, is looking for a female from overseas who can speak & read English or an Egyptian English Teacher. For an appointment please call: 012 393 4407 or 065 549702/03 ext 2225.

Wanted - Home in El Gouna. Looking to purchase or rent a villa/house in El Gouna. Furnished or unfurnished. Please contact: Wendy 012 243 9945

Camel Dive Club & Hotel is looking for 2 young, dynamic SALES PERSONS to join our busy Reservation Office in Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai. The applicants must have: Minimum 2 years travel sales experience /Ability to work within a team/Excellent communications skills/Basic computer skills – MS word, Excel, Outlook/Licensed to Scuba Dive/ Native English with a 2nd language preferred/ Native German with English requested. Please send applications by Email to: [email protected], or call 069/600 046.

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