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Issue 71
31st May 2004

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Features & Articles

10 Types of Expats - What Type Are You?!

1. The Closet Depressive - By day this expat is cheery as a spring flower; at home, alone, when the windows and doors are shut, she stares at the floor thinking about how wonderful it is to be in a new culture. . The closet lies to herself about her situation until she actually convinces herself of an international bliss.

2. The Cultural Pluralist - The cultural pluralist is always open to new experiences, new foods, and new people. She is learning the language and developing extended conversations with taxi cab drivers and juice bar owners. She is the sort that you sometimes hope is a closet depressive.

3. The Drifter - She decided to take a year abroad because it "looked like a good option at the time." She finds herself sometimes wandering aimlessly about the streets, not really committed to any particular plan or agenda. She is just as happy to meet a local as another foreigner. In the back of her mind she believes in fate and destiny, though she may just shrug her shoulders about this if confronted. She hopes that something greater than she has pulled her here. Around every corner she is waiting for that force of destiny to manifest itself in a convincing way. The drifter is your friend, but she is everyone's friend as well, because she is secretly searching for meaning, and wondering if she can find it with you, or with the person next to you.

4. The Escapee - The escapee wasn't necessarily living a crumbling life in the poor corner of town before shipping off to Egypt. Usually the escapee was just bored. He longed for something unusual and different. For the first several months, the escapee, being immersed in freshness of culture, sees life anew. In time, however, these audiovisual stimulations fade. On the inside, emptiness is brewing. When the culture no longer fascinates, the escapee longs to escape again. It is in his nature.

5. The Oil Guy - The oil guy has been transferred here by his company. He is housed by his company in a big apartment, and is given a company car to drive, probably a new Jeep Cherokee or Ford Explorer, at least a 2002 model. The oil guy makes a load of money, and outfits his home with all the comforts of satellite television, VCR and giant flat-screen TV, maids, and the like. He can count on his hand the total number of Arabic words he speaks. He is naturally happy and at ease, though sometimes a little dull.

... to be continued!

100 FM !

Local News


The secret is out ... the new Hard Rock Cafe in Hurghada will be located between the Grand Resort and Samaka Hotel. We have been informed by the Construction Manager that it will be ready to open in 2 or 3 months. Apart from the cafe itself, there will also be an outside area with pool with poolbar and a dry area.

Non Stop Flights to Montreal

Effective as from June 1st, EgyptAir will operate non-stop flights to Montreal.
The carrier will operate two weekly flights on Tuesday and Thursday during the summer schedule which lasts until the end of the summer.

More Flights to the Gulf

As the summer holidays are fast approaching EgyptAir has decided to increase its flights to some Gulf countries and to resume some of the routes that were recently cancelled. Effective as from the first of May, a third weekly flight has been added to Bahrain. It has also added two more daily flights to Kuwait raising the total regular scheduled flights to fourteen a week.

El Gouna

What's On ... in Hurghada

World Environment Day
Saturday 5th June 2004
Public Beach No. 5
Red Sea Association

  • Red Sea Rangers presentation
  • Kid's Play by St. Joseph's School
  •  Tombola
  • Food & Drink
  •  Clowns
... and much more!

Everyone welcome!

Moby Dick

Parents & Kids

Click Here for Website
Imagine a place where your children can spend the day and breathe fresh air, play in the sun, run, scream, paint, draw, learn to make objects out of clay and wood, and much, much more ... that is Fagnoon.

Fagnoon is one of the rare places in Cairo where both parents and children can take a break and spend a few unforgettable hours away from the city’s loud noise and pollution.

The word “Fagnoon” itself is a combination of two words - Fonoon (art) and Gonoon (wild). It is a place for families to play, run, dance, paint, draw, as well as trying out a bouquet of crafts including pottery, word carpentry, agriculture, baking, jewelry making, iron smithy and much more. Fagnnon has become a place where one can freely express themselves and develop both artistic and creative talents.

Children are given the freedom to chose what they want to do from the workshops available. They can paint on walls, play with clay or enjoy the freedom of the vast playgrounds giving them the chance to mess around without getting into trouble. There are also two huge monkey bars for children to play on and a small green house to visit. Children can choose to ride on the back of a horse, a donkey or sometimes a camel. Although visitors have freedom to do as they wish, if they need help they can ask the supervisors for assistance at any time.

Families are allowed to bring their own food and drink for a picnic, though they can also buy Feteer (pancakes) with honey or cheese to eat at the facility. However, parents can also try bread-making in a traditional brick oven and then enjoy their freshly baked bread.

Fagnoon was founded by Mohamed Allam, an artist who had a vision of having an ideal society where there is freedom of expression, respect for the environment and respect for one another.

Fagnoon is open daily from morning till sunset. To reach Fagnoon from the Pyramids Road, turn on the Maryoutiya Canal towards Saqqara. Fagnoon is 12.5 kilometers down the canal. If one is traveling by public transport, take a microbus in the direction of Saqqara and ask the driver for a drop you off at Sabil Umm Hashem. If one is coming from the Mounib Ring Road, take the Badrashein- Maryoutiya exit. From this point it is 9.5 kilometers to Fagnoon. One of the things one will notice just before arriving is a bridge named after Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zuweil over the canal. There is an entry fee per child. Parents do not pay a charge unless they are taking part.


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
Flat for sale. 1st floor in El Opour City, Nacer City, beside Alfa Market, Cairo. 130 square metres. Super luxury with telephone & private entrance. Price 165,000 LE. Please contact Mr Gamal Elraay. 010 601 5514. [email protected]
Apartment for sale (upper floor) in Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna resort. Two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 guest bathroom, open kitchen, large reception, balcony. Overlooks the sea and Club House. Including A/Cs and possibly almost new furniture. Please call : 010 500 0625.

Les Petites Nursery, El Gouna, is looking for a female from overseas who can speak & read English or an Egyptian English Teacher. For an appointment please call: 012 393 4407 or 065 549702/03 ext 2225.

Wanted - Home in El Gouna. Looking to purchase or rent a villa/house in El Gouna. Furnished or unfurnished. Please contact: Wendy 012 243 9945
Camel Dive Club & Hotel is looking for 2 young, dynamic SALES PERSONS to join our busy Reservation Office in Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai. The applicants must have: Minimum 2 years travel sales experience /Ability to work within a team/Excellent communications skills/Basic computer skills – MS word, Excel, Outlook/Licensed to Scuba Dive/ Native English with a 2nd language preferred/ Native German with English requested. Please send applications by Email to: [email protected], or call 069/600 046.
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