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10th May 2004

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Radio Shack
The Largest Electronics Distributor in the world
... in Hurghada / Esplanada Mall next to Sindbad

Features & Articles

Running on Empty?


Marketing specialists are gearing up to compete for cash-strapped customers of the passenger car market in the coming year. Sales are in danger of falling flat unless companies can introduce lower-priced models in a hurry.

Expect to see more cars in the market with fewer options and smaller engines for a lighter price tag. Potential buyers should remember that "cheap" is a relative term. The days of buying a new car for less than LE 50,000 are over thanks to the decline of the Egyptian pound.

There is some concern that consumers may have reached their limits after digging deep into their pockets in 2003. In response, marketing specialists from Fiat to Mercedes-Benz see a great need to introduce products that can come closer to meeting the needs of their lower-end clients. Consumers look for cars that meet their bottom line, even if in the process they neglect their driving needs or overlook the future cost of repairs and spare parts. Fiat is therefore working hard to unveil a new model that will meet the needs of the people.

Lowering prices is also a priority as car dealers have been avoiding selling cars in installments. Dealers had every reason in the last year to forgo an LE 10,000 profit over an installment period when they could simply wait a few weeks for the same profit margins in cash.

Fiat faces a unique set of challenges by way of the foreign-exchange market. Most of the country's importers deal with the dollar, which is strengthening against the pound. But the dollar is weakening against many other foreign currencies, most notably the euro and the yen. In Egypt, Fiat deals in euros, making it all the more challenging to lower its prices.

100 FM !

Local News

Plans To Develop Mass Tourism on the Red Sea's Giftun Island Have Been Shelved -- for now.

Talks surrounding the proposal by an Italian investor to transform Giftun island into a flashy, high-tech, Vegas-style tourist resort have been halted by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, pending a "comprehensive study of all islands in the area".

Announced by Minister of Local Development Mustafa Abdel-Qader this week, the decision brought to an end weeks of heated debate on the future of the 24 kilometre-long island off the coast of the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

The debate flared at the beginning of last month, when Prime Minister Atef Ebeid announced his meeting with a delegation of visiting Italian investors for the establishment of a "big project to develop one of the Red Sea islands".

Before long, stories on the details of the plan, the island itself, and the finances behind the project hit the local press, leading to a global outcry among those familiar with the scenic diving-spot and retreat.

Archaeologists Find Halls of Alexandria's Great Ancient University

A Polish-Egyptian team has unearthed the site of the fabled University of Alexandria, home of Archimedes, Euclid and a host of other scholars from the era when Alexandria dominated the Mediterranean.

The team has found 13 individual lecture halls, or auditoria, that could have accommodated as many as 5,000 students. The classrooms are on the eastern edge of a large public square in the Late Antique section of modern Alexandria and are adjacent to a previously discovered theater that is now believed to be part of the university complex. All 13 of the auditoria have similar dimensions and internal arrangements. They feature rows of stepped benches running along the walls on three sides of the rooms, sometimes forming a joined "U" at one end. The most conspicuous feature of the rooms is an elevated seat placed in the middle of the "U," most likely designed for the lecturer.

It is the first time ever that such a complex of lecture halls has been uncovered on any Greco-Roman site in the whole Mediterranean area. This is perhaps the oldest university in the world.

El Gouna

What's On ... in Hurghada

International Underwater Photography Competition

An open international competition in:

Wide Angle - Close Up - Marine Life

For participation & information contact: [email protected]
telephone (+20) 065 444802

What's On
... in Cairo

June 10th, 11th & 12th


Nile Hilton
(Nile Hilton Dinner Theatre)

Cash Bar-7pm, Dinner-8pm, Performance-9pm. Dress Code:

For more information contact
02 5780444, ext.285/270

Moby Dick

Parents & Kids

How to Build an Ant Farm

As there is no storage of ants in Egypt, why not consider building an ant farm for your children as an excellent way to hold their attention for hours. It can also be a good educational tool as it will teach your child the importance of an eco system as well as responsibility in caring for a creature that rely's on them for food and water.

To make an ant farm you will need:

1 Large Glass Jar, Fish Bowl or Tank.
Smaller Jar or Tube

Start by placing the smaller jar or tube inside the larger glass container. Using a small jar will encourage the ants to build their tunnels on the outside of the jar where your child can see them instead of tunneling in the middle.

Next find lots of ants and dirt and fill your jar within 2-3 inches from the top. Pack the dirt firmly. Some ants can can bite so be careful! If possible, also capture an ant that looks larger than the others and a queen ant which may have wings. You might also find little white eggs and larvae.

Ants like to eat small bread crumbs, or bread dipped in sugar water or with a drop of honey. They can also eat tiny bits of fruit and vegetables but don't feed them too much or their tank can get cluttered before they can remove it to their underground storage space.

To water your new pets, drop a water soaked cotton ball into the farm. Most of the liquid ants need they can get from their food but it is a good idea to add a new wet cotton ball every few days as needed.

Your ants probably will not be able to climb up the glass walls of the jar but if there is a chance the jar could be knocked over it is safer to include a top with holes punched for adequate air supply. The added darkness can also trick ants into feeling they are underground.

Your new ants will immediately become busy working on their new home. Discourage kids from moving the jar as this could settle the dirt and cave in the ants' tunnels.

Easy, cheap and they don't need to be house trained!


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
Flat for sale. 1st floor in El Opour City, Nacer City, beside Alfa Market, Cairo. 130 square metres. Super luxury with telephone & private entrance. Price 165,000 LE. Please contact Mr Gamal Elraay. 010 601 5514. [email protected]
Apartment for sale (upper floor) in Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna resort. Two bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 guest bathroom, open kitchen, large reception, balcony. Overlooks the sea and Club House. Including A/Cs and possibly almost new furniture. Please call : 010 500 0625.
Cannon EOS-50E with lens 19-35. Plus lens 28-50. Plus lense 100-300. Plus electronic strobe. Package deal - 1000 Euro. For information call: 065 444675. Hurghada.

Second hand wetsuits for sale:

New long-john, Dacor, Size 4
Monosuit with hood, Coltri Sub, Size 3
Monosuit, Easyjet, Green/Black, Size 2
Shorty, Size 3
2 piece suit, Cressi Sub, Size 3
Woolly Bear, Mares, Size XL
Long-John, Size 2, Pink
2 piece, Pink/Green, Size XS
Monosuit, Protype, Size 3
85 Euro
50 Euro
50 Euro
30 Euro
35 Euro
85 Euro
20 Euro
40 Euro
50 Euro

For information contact: 012 563 0130 Hurghada.
Two Underwater Camera Systems for SALE:
1x Pro Set including:
Camera MM2ex (black), Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, 2 x Wide Angle Lense 16mm & 20mm, 2x Makro Lense 1:3 & 1:2, Color Filter 20mm, Lense Holder, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm S&S 160cm, Lense holder and Camera Case Pelican 1500.
1x Limited Set including:
Camera MM2ex (yellow) , Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm 6 and S&S Camera Bag.
For more info and price please call : 010 546 8800
. Hurghada.
Camel Dive Club & Hotel is looking for 2 young, dynamic SALES PERSONS to join our busy Reservation Office in Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai. The applicants must have: Minimum 2 years travel sales experience /Ability to work within a team/Excellent communications skills/Basic computer skills – MS word, Excel, Outlook/Licensed to Scuba Dive/ Native English with a 2nd language preferred/ Native German with English requested. Please send applications by Email to: [email protected], or call 069/600 046.
Wanted - Bridge players. We would like to form a Bridge Club. If you are interested, please email me on: [email protected] Female, Belly Dancing teacher wanted for intermediate level student. Please contact Susann: 010 699 2513 or [email protected]
The Club House, El Gouna, is looking for a Chef. If you are qualified for this position, please call
012 311 3434 or email [email protected]
Home wanted for a half breed Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. Needs lots of space and needs to be walked daily. If you are interested please
call : 012 273 7859
Abo Nawas Resort, Marsa Alam, Egypt is seeking a House Keeping Manager for immediate employment. Good work environment and good employment opportunity. Please contact us by fax at (2) 012 249 3448 or email to [email protected] Please include a current contact telephone number.

Exclusive **** World Class Abo Nawas Resort in Marsa Alam, Opening New Season April 2004 - employment opportunities in all departments. For more info contact us by fax at (2) 012 249 3448 or email us at [email protected]

Abo Nawas Resort **** world class resort, located in pristine Marsa Alam, Egypt, is seeking foreign resident for public relation & secretary position. English a must and some Italian and computer experience preferred. Good work opportunity. Please contact us by fax (2) 012 249 3448 or email us at [email protected]
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