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22nd March 2004

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The Largest Electronics Distributor in the world
Opening soon in Hurghada / Esplanada Mall next to Sindbad

Features & Articles

Did You Know?

Egypt is formally known as Jumhuriyat Misr al Arabiya (Arab Republic of Egypt).

The population of Egypt was estimated at 74,718,797 in 2003.

The name Egypt comes from the Greek name for the country: Egyptos.

About ninety per cent of the country is desert, however, the desert has not always been desert - in some areas marine fossils have been found.

Egypt has over thirty species of snakes, some of them very poisonous. The most famous Egyptian snake is the asp with which Cleopatra committed suicide after her army's defeat by Octavian.

There are about two hundred species of fish in the Nile.

Egypt boasts 2 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world:

The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The other 5 wonders of the ancient world are:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
The Colossus of Rhodes

El Gouna


John Bennett, first scuba diver beyond 1000 ft, lost and presumed dead during salvage dive

On Monday 15th March, while doing a salvage dive in Korea, John Bennett went missing. His buddy on the dive said they were both at 45m on top of the ship, water temp was 7oC, visibility was one to two meters, no current was present, and they were on a 29% helium mix, with a bottom time of 20 minutes and total time of 73 minutes.

John's buddy noticed some unusual behavior from him and gave him the "OK" sign, to which John returned the OK. Again his buddy noticed John was acting differently and gave John the "Up" sign. John returned the up sign, so his buddy proceeded to the up line and then noticed John wasn't behind him.

Going back to find John and seeing no sign of him, the buddy went back to the shot line and noticed bubbles. Thinking that John was there, the buddy proceeded to ascend. At his deco stop, the buddy noticed bubbles ascending past him, but then the bubbles stopped.

When the buddy got out the water, he informed the leader of the job of what had happened. Searching the surface, they spotted some bubbles a distance from the boat. The assumption was that John had lost the line, until a few minutes later when the bubbles stopped. When John did not surface, another diver proceeded to do a twenty minute search, but there was no sign of him.

A surface search was then performed for hours, but there was still no sign of him.

The London International Dive Show
Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th March 2004



What's On ... in Hurghada

Moby Dick

Seagull Cinema

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Parents & Kids

Children accepted from 3 months to 4 years of age.
English, French & Arabic classes available.
Educational programs in cooperation with EGIS
(El Gouna International School).
Hot lunch served daily
Foreign management
Bus transporation service for Hurghada residents (with staff on board).
Night time baby sitting service.
Open all year round, 7 days per week from 8am to 7pm.
Outside/inside available for children's parties (with animation).
For all Mothers!
Prenatal, yoga, aerobic, dance, body sculpture and stretching in our private gym with babysitting service for the children.
Summer Camp!
Swimming lessons, dance, gymnastics, language & art classes. Trips, events, childrens parties.

Les Petites, Downtown El Gouna
065 549702/03/04 Ext. 2225
Mobile: 012 393 4407


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
Want your own business? Salon America, excellent reputation, great business - servicing foreign women and men for 6 years - is offering complete salon setup for rent (due to leaving Egypt). 2 station salon, with shampoo area , private bathroom and seperate private back room. Located in Sekella, Hurghada, beside El Souk Mall. For more information or to view, please call Wendy 012 243 9945.
For sale - childrens car seat, infant up to 2-3 years, American Graco brand (new 800LE). Asking 250 LE. Please contact : 012 243 9945. Hurghada. For sale : GMC washing washine, gas cooker, fridge, 30" Toshiba TV. Please contact: 012 283 1020. Hurghada.
3 piece sofa (large), arm chair with foot stool – cream colour with teak wood (very comfy for afternoon DVD viewing!) – 2000 LE. Please contact : Jayne 010 1141 581.
El Gouna.
Sony TRV-50 Digital (NEW!), plus Nimar housing with wide angle - 2,350 Euro. Light System FA & MI - 330 Euro. Cannon EOS-50E with lens 19-35. Plus lens 28-50. Plus lense 100-300. Plus electronic strobe. Package deal - 1000 Euro. For information call: 065 444675. Hurghada.

Second hand wetsuits for sale:

Monosuit, Mares, Icelander, 7mm, Size 5
New long-john, Dacor, Size 4
Monosuit with hood, Coltri Sub, Size 3
Monosuit, Easyjet, Green/Black, Size 2
Shorty, Size 3
2 piece suit, Cressi Sub, Size 3
Woolly Bear, Mares, Size XL
Long-John, Size 2, Pink
2 piece, Pink/Green, Size XS
Monosuit, Protype, Size 3
150 Euro
85 Euro
50 Euro
50 Euro
30 Euro
35 Euro
85 Euro
20 Euro
40 Euro
50 Euro

For information contact: 012 563 0130 Hurghada.
Two Underwater Camera Systems for SALE:
1x Pro Set including:
Camera MM2ex (black), Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, 2 x Wide Angle Lense 16mm & 20mm, 2x Makro Lense 1:3 & 1:2, Color Filter 20mm, Lense Holder, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm S&S 160cm, Lense holder and Camera Case Pelican 1500.
1x Limited Set including:
Camera MM2ex (yellow) , Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm 6 and S&S Camera Bag.
For more info and price please call : 010 546 8800
. Hurghada.
Car for sale, GMC 95 as new, wheel drive, auto transmission, ABS, heavy duty
suspension, elec driver seat, velour miters, dark red metallic, central locking, rear wiper. P
lease contact Wessam El Sebai : 010 578 3697 or Dr Dia El Sebai : 012 733 3322. E-mail : [email protected] or [email protected]

Car for sale. Dodge Crysler, 1982 model with A/C, power steering, central locking, electric windows. Excellent condition, contact 012 747 2899 (Hurghada)

Apartment for sale in Moubarak 2 area, Hurghada. Fully furnished, 1st floor flat with 3 bedrooms. A/C, satellite TV, telephone and automatic washing machine. Please contact : 012 747 2899

Second hand car wanted. Must have A/C. Preferably 1997 or younger. Any make considered. Price range between 20,000 to around 30,000 LE. Please contact :
010 396 0819. Hurghada.

House wanted, in Hurghada, to rent from June for long-term rental. Minimum 2 bedrooms and must have garden. Please contact : Julie 447 309 between 8-10pm. Hurghada.
Wanted - professional and responsible Hair Designer and/or Beauty Professional.
Want your own business? Tired of working for others? Great business opportunity, for more information, please call : Wendy 012 243 9945. Hurghada.
Looking for physioterapist/personal trainer. Please contact : [email protected]
Administrative Assistant position available starting April 7. Excellent knowledge of English language and grammar, spoken and written, essential. Must have good computer skills and be proficient in Windows XP & Microsoft Office Programs. Web design experience will be a bonus. Salary and part-time or full-time hours to be discussed. Please contact: [email protected]. Hurghada.
Wanted : 2nd hand baby & children’s toys and baby equipment, in good condition. Please contact: Busy Bees Nursery 447 314 or 010 308 3969. Hurghada.
H.E.P.C.A. is looking for a part-time Secretary with a love for the enviroment for the Hurghada office. English language must be fluent, while other languages are a bonus. Looking for someone to start immediately. Salary is to be discussed. Please email : Amar or phone 012 398 8108.
Searching for a Training partner in sports, running, biking. No competition. Just for fun. Running distance from 5 km upwards. Biking to Gouna or Safaga, maybe more. Please call: 010 545 9991 
A property in El Gouna in $35,000 to $45,000 price range. Please contact : Mr.Thompson at [email protected]
Person required to work part-time as Nursery Assistant. Must speak fluent English. Nursery experience preferred, but not essential as full training will be given. Salary dependent on experience. Please contact: Marika 012 393 4407. El Gouna.
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