The Red Sea Newsletter Issue 59
8th March 2004

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El Gouna

Features & Articles

The Chicken Story
by Kareena Spratt

Having lived in Hurghada only a few weeks, I decided to go to the "chicken man" - a tiny shop with chickens, ducks and even turkeys in cages for sale.

The "chicken man" didn't speak much English, although he did understand the word "chicken"! So I pointed to the chickens and he asked, "Chicken?" I nodded and he proceeded to open the cage and grab the first chicken to hand, which went squawking all the way to his scale. On a calculator he showed me how much the chicken would cost - 11 Egyptian pounds, about $1.78. He quickly whisked the chicken to the back of the store, behind a tile partition, where the squawking abruptly stopped! I had sealed the fate of the chicken with a mere nod of my head! Less than 5 minutes later he came out smiling and holding a bag at arms length. A quick glance inside confirmed the chicken's demise. With the body still warm we were on our way. Upon opening the bag at home I found that the chicken had been defeathered and cleaned, and looked just like any other chicken in its package sitting in the poultry section at the supermarket! It was the freshest chicken we had ever eaten!

Spam Virus Warning!

It is advisable that you do not open any attachement that you were not expecting as there is now a new intelligent spam virus doing the rounds. It can look like the following example:

From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:44:53 +0100
To: [email protected]
Subject: E-mail account security warning.
Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that, Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access. For details see the attach. In order to read the attach you have to use the following password: 22005.
Kind regards,
The team

The text "" will likely be from an address that you know, but this does not mean it was sent from this person. This virus is a "worm" which spreads itself through various file sharing networks such as Kazaa and iMesh.

Local News

Professional Opportunities at Gpnet Ltd. Gpnet Ltd.

Gpnet is a fast growing Internet company located in Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast.
Our company culture is dynamic, energetic and team-oriented. We are looking for talented professionals to join our team - contact us today. Opportunities are available in the following areas: Graphic Design - Sales - Administration - Internet Marketing Specialist.

Barge Wreck - "Taiyong"

In Issue 55 of the Newsletter we featured a newly discovered dive site for TEC divers in Aqaba - the barge wreck, "Taiyong".

We now have more news of this site ...

It was a Container Barge owned and operated by the Arab Shipping Co. The owner of the company, Mr Farhan, died and the company's fortunes declined. In 1997 the decision was taken to scuttle the barge. This has been verified by the Aqaba Ports Corporation and the Jordan Maritime Authority, although it was originally thought the barge was much older due to the nature and extent of coral growth. Articles about the wreck have been featured in the UK press and on the PADI website.
Article provided by Seastar Watersports, Aqaba.
Image provided by Nabeel Aqbarawi, Seastar Watersports PADI Course Director.

What's On ... in Cairo

An Evening of Sufi Poetry, Music and Film

Musician Ahmed Samy will play tanboor and lute, Cherine al Ansary will read from Rumi, Abdallah Schleifer & Shems, and Nuri Friedlander will read Sufi poetry. Following the reading there will be a showing of Al Mahya, Come to Life, a documentary film by Shems Friedlander. Wednesday 10th March, 7pm, the Falaki Main Stage Theatre, The American University in Cairo.

What's On ... in Hurghada

What's On ... in Sharm

Children's Tennis Lessons

Small groups and ability levels. In English and Arabic. Egyptian Tennis Federation Coach.
Phone Ahmed or Jackie Hassan : 010 609 2706
Private adult lessons and coaching also available.

Parents & Kids

Deserts are places on earth that are characterized by little vegetation and rain. They are made up of sand or rocks and gravel. Deserts cover about one-fifth of all the land in the world.

Oases are parts of the desert where plants grow and water is almost always available. An oasis is formed by a pool of water trapped between layers of rock beneath the desert floor. The regular water in an oasis allows people to settle in the desert and even grow crops.

Climate - The desert is the hottest biome on earth. However, the desert is also a land of extremes. It can be over 100 degrees Farenheit during the day but below 32 degrees at night. This change is because deserts are bare. There is little protection to keep them from heating up in the sun and cooling off when the sun disappears at night.
The amount of rainfall also varies. Though there is little rain in a desert, when it does rain, it pours. Violent rainstorms can cause flashfloods in the desert. After a storm, the desert may not see any rain for weeks or months.

Plants - Desert plants may have to go without fresh water for over a year! They also have to adjust to very hot days and very cold nights. Some plants have very long roots which grow in to the ground to reach underground water sources. Some suck up as much water as they can during the rain and save it in their stems and leaves. Some store the food and water underground in thick roots. Rain brings life to the desert - shortly after a big storm, billions of seeds come to life in the form of flowering plants. These plants are called ephemerals. Eight weeks after a rain, the flowers are gone.

Animals -There are hundreds of different animals that live in the desert. However, most of them can only be found at dawn or dusk because that is when they move around. For the rest of the day, animals bury themselves in the sand or hide beneath rocks to keep cool. Animals that come out at night are called nocturnal.
Animals in the desert eat plants and each other to survive. Many feed on the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds of plants. These animals are then eaten by bigger animals. Some animals get enough water from their food, but others must travel to water holes.


Find out more at :
For Sale/Rent
For sale : GMC washing washine, gas cooker, fridge, 30" Toshiba TV. Please contact: 012 283 1020. Hurghada.
3 piece sofa (large), arm chair with foot stool – cream colour with teak wood (very comfy for afternoon DVD viewing!) – 2000 LE. Please contact : Contact Jayne 010 1141 581. Hurghada.
Sony TRV-50 Digital (NEW!), plus Nimar housing with wide angle - 2,350 Euro. Light System FA & MI - 330 Euro. Cannon EOS-50E with lens 19-35. Plus lens 28-50. Plus lense 100-300. Plus electronic strobe. Package deal - 1000 Euro. For information call: 065 444675. Hurghada.

Second hand wetsuits for sale:

Monosuit, Mares, Icelander, 7mm, Size 5
New long-john, Dacor, Size 4
Monosuit with hood, Coltri Sub, Size 3
Monosuit, Easyjet, Green/Black, Size 2
Shorty, Size 3
2 piece suit, Cressi Sub, Size 3
Woolly Bear, Mares, Size XL
Long-John, Size 2, Pink
2 piece, Pink/Green, Size XS
Monosuit, Protype, Size 3
150 Euro
85 Euro
50 Euro
50 Euro
30 Euro
35 Euro
85 Euro
20 Euro
40 Euro
50 Euro

For information contact: 012 563 0130 Hurghada.
Two Underwater Camera Systems for SALE:
1x Pro Set including:
Camera MM2ex (black), Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, 2 x Wide Angle Lense 16mm & 20mm, 2x Makro Lense 1:3 & 1:2, Color Filter 20mm, Lense Holder, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm S&S 160cm, Lense holder and Camera Case Pelican 1500.
1x Limited Set including:
Camera MM2ex (yellow) , Strobe YS120TTL, Viewfinder 16-35mm, Multi Stay Set, Strobe Arm 6 and S&S Camera Bag.
For more info and price please call : 010 546 8800
. Hurghada.
Car for sale, GMC 95 as new, wheel drive, auto transmission, ABS, heavy duty
suspension, elec driver seat, velour miters, dark red metallic, central locking, rear wiper. P
lease contact Wessam El Sebai : 010 578 3697 or Dr Dia El Sebai : 012 733 3322. E-mail : [email protected] or [email protected]

Car for sale. Dodge Crysler, 1982 model with A/C, power steering, central locking, electric windows. Excellent condition, contact 012 747 2899 (Hurghada)

Hurghada Dive Centre for Rent. The centre includes:
18 metre boat with Caterpillar engine - 250 horse power
Compressor - Power K14
50 Aluminium Bottles
Complete Diving Equipment
Boat Permission for 25 tourists
Tourist Permission for Dive Centre Operation for 12 Months
Accommodation - 2 Studio Apartments
Total Centre Size - 350 square metres - including newly built equipment room
& classroom
PRICE PER MONTH: 3800 EUROS. For further details, please email: [email protected] 
Apartment for sale in Moubarak 2 area, Hurghada. Fully furnished, 1st floor flat with 3 bedrooms. A/C, satellite TV, telephone and automatic washing machine. Please contact : 012 747 2899
Administrative Assistant position available starting April 7. Excellent knowledge of English language and grammar, spoken and written, essential. Must have good computer skills and be proficient in Windows XP & Microsoft Office Programs. Web design experience will be a bonus. Salary and part-time or full-time hours to be discussed. Please contact: [email protected]. Hurghada.
Wanted : 2nd hand baby & children’s toys and baby equipment, in good condition. Please contact: Busy Bees Nursery 447 314 or 010 308 3969. Hurghada.
H.E.P.C.A. is looking for a part-time Secretary with a love for the enviroment for the Hurghada office. English language must be fluent, while other languages are a bonus. Looking for someone to start immediately. Salary is to be discussed. Please email : Amar or phone 012 398 8108.
Searching for a Training partner in sports, running, biking. No competition. Just for fun. Running distance from 5 km upwards. Biking to Gouna or Safaga, maybe more. Please call: 010 545 9991 
A property in El Gouna in $35,000 to $45,000 price range. Please contact : Mr.Thompson at [email protected]
Person required to work part-time as Nursery Assistant. Must speak fluent English. Nursery experience preferred, but not essential as full training will be given. Salary dependent on experience. Please contact: Marika 012 393 4407. El Gouna.
Second hand Jeep Wrangler wanted as soon as possible. Please contact Andy.
010 356 4925. Hurghada.
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