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Bordiehn's & Villa Kunterbunt
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Features & Articles


Interview With A .... Viorel!
by Mark Baker

In our quest to find "interesting" residents of Egypt, this weeks' personality (following closely on the heels of Oscar the camel who featured in Issue I) is Viorel Mindu. Viorel has probably experienced more in the last 10 years than anyone else you've recently met.

After graduating from High School in Romania, Viorel joined Romania's only aviation school, with the intention of realising his dream of becoming a qualified pilot. Unfortunately, he soon found out that, with only 40 much sought after places a year, it was who you knew and not your ability, that secured a pilot's licence and a well paid job at the end. However, as compensation, he did secure his gliding pilot's licence, but after becoming disillusioned with the course, he left the school and joined the Romanian Special Forces.

In Budapest at the start of the Revolution in 1989 his unit was called in by the Dictator, President Ceausescu, to act as body guards in Ceausescu's last desperate attempt to escape the country and the people that were calling for his head. This same unit was then responsible for what subsequently befell Ceausescu.

During his time with the Special Forces he became a highly qualified Skydiving Instructor and he once held the Romanian altitude record for the highest parachute jump - a jump from 7,500 metres, involving 3 minutes of free fall! After leaving the Special Forces he then used the skills he had learnt to become a Stuntman, becoming an expert in horse riding, gymnastics, fighting with all sorts of weapons, and falling off high buildings, this being the scariest and hardest stunt he says he had to learn. As he explains, "The skill to knowing how to fall off buildings is knowing how to hit the "ground" - no matter how high you fall or however you start your fall, you must learn to twist and time your fall so that that you land on your back. If you should land on your front you would be in extreme danger of snapping your spine as your body folded backwards on impact!"

A promising career in James Bond films did not beckon as it is customary for stuntmen to complete a full year of unpaid apprentice work before having the chance to secure any on-screen work. Lack of funds lead Viorel to set up a garage with his father and brother, where he learnt his mechanical and electrical skills which he uses today. However, their hard work and success brought no rewards, as the country's serious economic difficulties meant their business was taxed at 60%.

Viorel took up diving after being introduced to it by a friend, and after 2 years of diving in mountain lakes and the polluted Black Sea, he became a qualified Divemaster and came to Hurghada in 2000 to complete his Instructor exam. Viorel has always been fascinated with Egypt thanks to TV and after many problems gaining a visa, he found he was back in Hurghada full-time. He is now happy working as a Technician, diving and instructing as and when needed, and as he puts it, "I get to mess around with compressors and boat engines in a hot place with no closed season". Viorel can be found about town and at Moby Dick, one of his favourite watering holes.

Do you know anyone as interesting as Viorel? If so, please email your article to [email protected]

Local News

Coming Soon ... Karate/Self-Defence Summer Classes

Kids karate club Intensive training for adults Women's fitness and self defence

Watch out for start dates in this Newsletter

Animal Friends - Puppies for Adoption

2 gorgeous puppies for adoption - their mother is a mixed breed: Mastiff, German Shepard and Great Dane. She is well trained and obedient. We want to give the puppies to concerned animal lovers free of charge, although we would encourage the owners to give a small donation to Animal Friends. Contact: Susanne 012 253 0063 or Renate 065 444605. Hurghada. Puppies

What's On

Carnival & Costume Party at Villa Kunterbunt, Hurghada.

Party! A childrens carnival & costume party is being held at the Villa Kunterbunt, Arabia Hotel, Hurghada on Saturday 1st March from 1pm-5pm. Bring your children along dressed up as witches, wizards, cowboys and clowns. There will be games, dancing and creative paints. Prizes will be given for the best costumes! Children 10LE & adults 20LE-includes a snack buffet. Contact: Sandra Refaat 444701 or Barbara Bordiehn
012 325 1599.

Beach Clean Up - El Gouna

In January 2003 the El Gouna community established 'Green Gouna' to launch El Gouna as an eco-tourism destination and to educate staff, visitors and residents on how to conserve the flora and fauna of the land and sea in and surrounding El Gouna.

The first big event to be held by Green Gouna is a Beach Clean Up, which will take place on Sunday 2nd March and will start in front of the old Club Med.

For further information about this event please email: [email protected]

Parents & Kids Guide

Golden 5 Hotel & Beach Resort, Hurghada.

Cable Car The Golden 5 Hotel & Beach Resort is an "interesting" hotel to take the children to, as it provides the chance to ride on a train, play in a playground located directly on the beach and ... take a ride in a cable car! The cable car runs from the hotel down to the beach (and back) and costs 10LE per adult. If you take the cable car from the hotel you first need to purchase your ticket from reception, then take the lift to the very top of
the hotel, and here you will find the cable car. However, a word of warning - hold onto your children tightly! The barriers at the top of the hotel may not prevent a boisterous and determined youngster from trying to climb over or through them. Another word of warning - there are NO barriers whatsoever where the cable car is located! After much fiddling of buttons, the cable car eventually gets under way and the first few minutes, when it leaves the safety of the hotel, are very scary! However, after you discover that it moves at a snails pace, boredom can set in. Bring a picnic along to pass the time and if you're scared of heights, give it a miss!

For Sale
Hewlett Packard Deskjet 690C Colour Photo Printer. 250 LE. Please contact : Margaret Guenena 065 442566 or 012 381 2137. Hurghada. Medium Seaquest Balance Wings, Integrated BCD. Good condition. $150 o.n.o. Please contact: Lisa or Paul
012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Small Technisub open heel fins. Orange. $20. Please contact: Lisa or Paul 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Mares pocket weight belt, size m-l, 5 pockets. Good as new. $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Lisa or Paul
012 718 1297. Hurghada.
For Rent
One bedroom flat in quiet building and in central location. A/C, satellite TV, telephone & balcony. Please contact : 012 227 9135. Hurghada.
Nursery School Assistant to work part-time (afternoons), leading to full-time, in British run nursery. Must speak good English. Please contact : Sue 065 447314. Hurghada. Anyone interested in a streetdance / aerobics classes? Drop me a line at [email protected] Would love to get this class started!
Arabic Teacher: to teach Arabic to a small group for 2 hours per week. Please contact: Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276
Good condition, second hand car/jeep. Please contact : Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276 Seeking French Tutor for evening sessions. Please contact Anja by e-mail: [email protected] (Hurghada).

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