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27th October 2003

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Features & Articles

Abo Nawas Resort

LE 195.00 per night/per person with a 3 night stay

Abo Nawas Resort ****
Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt

Abo Nawas is a 4 star world class resort with 160 rooms and suites, all of them overlooking the magnificent crystal clear Red Sea (a Nature Preserved area).

The resort was built in a authentic Nubian & Arabic design with its dome ceilings and stone archways to allow you the feeling you have gone back in time to a far away land.

Abo Nawas Resort is in a pristine area in Marsa Alam, Egypt close to all the special dive sites, with its exclusive 300 meter private beach and its well preserved offshore reefs.

Enjoy the panaramic views of the area, view the beautiful sunrise from the sea or the incredible sight of sunset on the beautiful dessert platos and mountains.

You can choose between quiet relaxation or an endless choice of recreations and excursions.

Your dream vacation starts only 20 minutes from the Marsa Alam International Airport!

Tel: (02) 012 243 9950 /51/52/53/54
Fax: (065) 444 463

Where does Halloween come from?
The modern celebration of Halloween is a descendent of the ancient Celtic fire festival called "Samhain" meaning All Hallowtide and the close of harvest and the initiation of the winter season.
Why was the end of summer important?
The end of summer was significant because it meant the time of year when the cattle were brought down from the summer pastures in the hills and the people were gathered into the houses for the long winter nights of story-telling and handicrafts.
What does it have to do with a festival of the dead?
The Celts believed that when people died, they went to a land of eternal youth and happiness. The dead were sometimes believed to be dwelling with the Fairy Folk, who lived in the numerous mounds that dotted the countryside. Samhain was the new year and was seen as a magical time. It was also the time when the "veil between the worlds" was at its thinnest, and the living could communicate with their beloved dead.
What about the aspects of "evil" that we associate with the night today?
The Celts did not have demons and devils in their belief system. The fairies, however, were often considered hostile and dangerous to humans because they were seen as being resentful of men taking over their lands. On this night, they would sometimes trick humans into becoming lost in the fairy mounds, where they would be trapped forever.
What is "trick or treat"?
During the course of these celebrations, many of the people would imitate the fairies and go from house to house begging for treats. Failure to supply the treats would usually result in practical jokes being visited on the owner of the house. Since the fairies were abroad on this night, an offering of food or milk was frequently left for them on the steps of the house, so the homeowner could gain the blessings of the "good folk" for the coming year.

Local News

Ancient Egyptian Treasures on Show in Shanghai

The world's largest exhibition of ancient Egyptian treasures opened in the city of Shanghai last Saturday. The display includes the first appearance in China of Akhnaten, King of Egypt 3,500 years ago. The 143 items in the show give an insight into life in Egypt 2,000 to 4,000 years ago.

Worth 260 million US dollars, the treasures include the Bust of Akhnaten, the Statuette of the Cobra Goddess, the Relief of Ramses II Smiting the Enemies and the Pyramidion of Ptahenia. The oldest item dates back 5,000 years and the latest come from the Ptolemy Dynasty, which began in 400 B.C.

The treasures will stay in Shanghai for a month and then go on show in Beijing.

What's On

Halloween at the Howard

The LitClub Invites you to Halloween at the Howard, an open-mic night of Edgar Allan Poe and other readings (you can bring your own, the scarier the better) taking place on Thursday 30th October at 6.30pm, at Howard Theatre, Main Campus. For further information contact the Department of English and Comparative Literature, The American University in Cairo, or send an email to [email protected].

Obligatory Direction - Exhibition

Cordoba Exhibition Hall, Cairo, has the pleasure of inviting you to attend the opening of "Obligatory Direction" photography exhibition. Among the artists: Ahmed Ismael, Ahmed Kamel, Heba Rafea Maged Shaban, Nihal Farouk, Osama Dawod, Tarek Hefny, Yehia Ismail. The art exhibition (Photography) will be taking place at 3A Degla Street, Mohandessen. For more information please call 010 525 3400. The exhibition will go on until the 11thNovember, open daily from 10am to 10pm except Fridays.

Kitchen Korner

In the Middle East food is far from being “fashionably trendy” but somewhat retains the ancestral heritage of its people. Custom is at the root of these traditions, and the food they eat is no different.

For Arabs, hospitality is among the most highly admired of virtues and lies at the heart of who they are. How well one treats his guests is a direct measurement of what kind of person he or she is. It is common practice whilst preparing food to allow for an extra portion in order to cater for the unexpected guest. When a meal is over, there should always be a good portion of food left over otherwise one might think that a guest had not been fully satisfied.

People entertain warmly and joyously and to persuade a guest to stay for an extra meal is considered a precious honour. Guests visiting your house for the first time would normally bring along a gift for the host and it is good manners to open this in their presence. If it happens to be confectionary the host would offer it to all guests.
No meal will be complete without the traditional Arabic Coffee. This is served freshly brewed shortly before the guests depart.

Qahwah (Arabic Coffee)


4 cups of water
(use espresso coffee cup when measuring water)
4 heaped teaspoons Arabic coffee
A pinch of ground cardamom

In a long handled coffee pot (Dallah or Ibrik) measure the exact quantity of water you intend to drink in one of the cups you will use (4 full measures for 4 cups). Now add the coffee and cardamom (do not stir) and place on high heat for 3 minutes stirring half way through. As coffee begins to rise, just before it boils, remove from heat. When foaming diminishes, return to heat, as it starts to boil remove and serve immediately.


Job Title: Junior Designer
Languages: English
Skills: Adobe Photoshop and/or Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash preferrable
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Find out more at :

Job Title: PADI French Instructor
Languages: French
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Office Assistant
Languages: English and German
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Secretary
Languages: English essential
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Office Assistant
Languages: French essential, German/Italian desired.
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
For Sale/Rent
Car for Sale - BMW 530i, 1988 (new model "1990"), full option, tax free car, technical and optical in a very good condition, 4500 Euro. Please contact : Chris 012 380 1551 [email protected]
Car for Sale - Chevrolet Blazer - 1975 Build - Reconditioned Engine & Gearbox - Engine 1986 - V8 - Model 305 - 5 Litre. 25.000 LE. For more information please contact: Roberta 012 2223573 or [email protected]

Apartment for Sale in Abu Tig Marina (front line), El Gouna. For more information please contact: Roberta 012 2223573 or [email protected]

Kittens for FREE. 4 beautiful red kittens - one month old - two girls, two boys - are looking for a home. Please contact 012 444 3652.
Shop for rent. Situated opposite Sultan Beach Hotel, Hurghada. 22 square metres. Fully furnished. Reasonable monthly rent. Please contact: 010 520 8368.

Villa for rent. Located in Old Vic, Hurghada. Next to Marriott Hotel with private beach. Three bedroom, three bathroom, kitchen, balcony overlooking the sea, living room and sattelite television. Fully furnished with A/C. Beach 20m away from terrace. Long and short term rental. Please contact: Tamim M. Kaddah 010 140 2878, e-mail: [email protected].

Apartment for rent - two bedrooms, two bathrooms, American-style kitchen , livingroom, private roof terrace, air-conditioning and a lot more. Location - EL GOUNA, Abu Tig New Marina Town. For long-term rent. Please contact: Gamal Nassif [email protected]

Native French speaking PADI Instructor wanted for small but busy dive center in Hurghada. Good conditions offferd and friendly working environment. Please contact: Mark or Andy, Gulf Divers 012 221 9936.

Cleaner wanted to work part-time, 6 days a week. If you can recommend someone please call : Hurghada 447 309
Looking for a FOOTBALL-TRAINER !!! We are 10 international boys between 6 and 10 years of age who play football once a week. Is there anybody in Hurghada who loves to play football and would like to coach us, show us some tricks, tell us the rules and have fun with us on the football court? We all speak English and Arabic and we are very enthusiastic about learning great football. Please call 444925 or 012 224 4041
Looking for a Music teacher. Samir (7 years) and Junis (almost 5 years) are looking for someone nice who loves music and kids. We would love to learn drums and/or guitar once a week. Just call our mum Kiki: 444925 or 012 224 4041 
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