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Features & Articles

Thanks Mum!
By Camilla Andersen

My mum came to visit me last April and she quickly realized that I was no longer the shopping maniac I used to be, simply because I cannot find too much to buy here in Hurghada. So to stimulate my shopping urge, she sent me the following from Europe - a cool, new bikini, an absolute up-to-date fashionable shirt, some boxer shorts for my man and a set of matching underwear. You might think it is unnecessary for me to describe in detail the contents of the package, but it needs to be pointed out that my bikini had lost all it's elasticity, my current shirts cost in the region of 20 LE, all the underwear in Hurghada was too small for me and us girls appreciate men in nice underwear more than you men can imagine!

After 8 weeks, I received the message that a package was waiting for me - I woke up earlier than normal, as I was simply too excited to sleep, and I was humming as I entered the post office. I approached the counter, showed the message ... and there it was - a gray package, the size of a football. I reached out for it and just as I was about to touch it I heard the man telling me I had to pay ... 770 Egyptian pounds in tax!! What was going to be the best day of my life turned into a nightmare. I screamed at first and even said that there was important medicine in the package (sorry for that little lie) and in the end I cried in front of five full grown Egyptian men! How embarrassing!

I sent the package back and for Christmas this year my mum had added a small present under the tree containing ... a well traveled bikini, underwear and boxer shorts and a totally uncool and out of fashion shirt!

Hello Egypt!

Hello Egypt - James and Kathy Taylor here! It's been several years since we last dived the Red Sea and we're still trying to find a way to get back again, as we have wonderful memories of the people that we met and the hospitality, not to mention the incredible diving. As we now work on a cruise ship, work pretty much dictates where we go, and although we request Egypt all the time, we don't always get what we want! Here's a picture of us "at work"! James & Kathy

Local News

British Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Town - Feb 12 2003

British archaeologists have discovered the 'Egyptian Lourdes'. The desert town dates back to 2,500 BC and was probably home to priests and builders working on Memphis pyramids. It is thought that the 4,000 people living there would have earned a living by selling religious objects and charms. Team leader Ian Mathieson described the find as "absolutely fabulous". He discovered the town near Saqqara, 15 miles from Cairo, with 10 British archaeologists. M r Mathieson said the team stumbled on the town while searching for an ancient road. Excavation has not yet begun but geo-thermal surveys show that the site covers an area of around one mile by three-quarters of a mile.

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism - Statistics

Statistics released by Egypt's Ministry of Tourism showed the country's tourism made a record in 2002, after more than 5 million tourists visited the country and bought 33 million tourist nights during their stay, representing an 11.7 per cent increase in tourist arrivals. The purchase of tourist nights increased by 9.6 per cent.

Tourist Type
Tourist Nos.
Tourist Nights
7 million
3.5 million
22.94 million
34.1 % decrease
34.1 % decrease

Animal Friends

In the last issue of the Newsletter we featured the charitable organization called Animal Friends. If you would like full details of what the organization does, please visit their web site at

What's On

The Procenter Tommy Friedl Summer Kite Intro 2003 - 3 April-10th April 2003

Kite Intro What is the Summer Kite Intro? During this action week, Procenter Tommy Friedl (Jasmin Village Hotel, Hurghada) will provide all the leading kite producers and distributors, team riders and seminars ... and of course we will cook up some crazy night life!

Why should you not miss this event? You will have the opportunity to test all the new 2003 kite gear free of charge! We will feature all the new shapes & sizes, as well as the top safety systems on the market. All this while relaxing and enjoying your holiday, kite style on the warm Red Sea! The following is a list of companies who have already signed and will be open for testing :
Airea, Liquid Force, Cabrinha, North Kites, Challenger, RRD, Flysurfer, Solid, King Kites ... and more to come!!

Film Night at The Chill

Monday 17th February : Dinosaur : starting at 8.30pm and followed by a live guitar performance.

Parents & Kids Guide

Giftun Hotel Playground - Review

The Giftun Hotel (Hurghada) playground is located on the beach and offers a good variety of recreational equipment for older children. Adjoining the playground is a waterfall feature and a small stream, with a path running alongside the stream and bridges over the steam, which provides a pleasant walk for smaller children.

Next week - the hotel with... a cable car!

Teen Page
by Sara El Katib

Welcome back to the "Teen Page", which continues from last week ...

There are lots and lots of great music around at the moment, like Jennifer Lopez, Atomic Kitten, Anastasia, Westlife, Destiny’s Child and loads more. The best place to buy music cassettes is “EL Hefnawi” opposite Thomas Cook in Sekalla.

The best thing to nag your mum and dad about is the internet! Nag them to get a local phone line and a computer, then get on MSN Messenger and chat to your friends.

When your friend has a birthday, a good place to buy them a present from is Kotta’s West Side Mall, opposite the Marlin Inn Hotel (Hurghada).

Children’s Health Issues - Meningitis
by Sue El Katib

Meningitis is one of the most frightening diseases that can strike anyone and, therefore, it needs a rapid response to treatment. Meningitis is the inflammation of the linings of the brain and spinal cord. It can be life threatening or can result in blindness, deafness, paralysis or loss of limb. In the early stages, the symptoms can easily be mistaken for flu.

Also watch out for a rash which may appear as tiny red or brown pin prick marks, which can change into purple blotches or blood blisters. If a glass is pressed firmly against the rash, the marks will not fade. You will be able to see the rash through the glass. If this happens, get medical advice immediately. It is harder to see on dark skin, so check paler areas.

Remember, someone who is very ill needs medical help even if they have no rash or a rash that fades.

For Rent
One bedroom flat in quiet building and in central location. A/C, satellite TV, telephone & balcony. Please contact : 012 227 9135. Hurghada.
Good condition, second hand car/jeep. Please contact : Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276 Anyone interested in a streetdance / aerobics classes? Drop me a line at [email protected] Would love to get this class started!
Russian speaking lady wanted to work in gift shop and to do general housekeeping. Good salary and accommodation provided. Please contact: Gillian. Hurghada.
010 193 1232
Arabic Teacher: to teach Arabic to a small group for 2 hours per week. Please contact: Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276
Seeking French Tutor for evening sessions. Please contact Anja by e-mail: [email protected] (Hurghada).

If you have any real-life experiences, original fiction, poetry, feedback, hints and tips of everyday life in The Red Sea, to be included in the newsletter, please email us at [email protected]


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