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25th August 2003

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Join Diamond Sea Dive Center on a Red Sea adventure to the Brothers Islands and Daedalus departing from Hurghada on 17th October 2003 for a 6 day dive safari.

Only for the experienced diver - this trip will explore the best of the Red Sea.

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Features & Articles


Volunteers Wanted

The Red Sea Marine Parks (RSMP) is pleased to announce, for the first time, its programme on voluntary services.

National Parks of Egypt

The Red Sea Marine Parks include 22 islands starting from Big Giftun in Hurghada to the southern border of Egypt and the Sudan. They include sensitive habitats, unique and unaltered ecosystems, endangered and threatened species, species of global significance, and the Red Sea Islands are located within the migratory routes for major birds species of international concern.

The Parks stretch for a length of more than 800 Km, making the controlling and monitoring of resources complicated and expensive.

On 1st July 2003 the total number of park rangers and community guards approached 50, however, monitoring status and activities on the resources is partially fulfilled due to lack of personnel and facilities.

For the above mentioned reasons, the RSMP has received approval to launch a Volunteer Programme.

The purpose of the programme is to provide help in resource management to the park staff:

• Offering assistance to park staff in law enforcement. This includes reporting violations to RSMP and witnessing of violations in front of law enforcement agencies.
• Promoting public awareness.
• Providing assistance in marine resource monitoring, such as coral reefs, seagrass and species of special concerns, such as Crown of Thorns, dugongs, turtles, etc.

The types of volunteers needed are individuals and organizations. The individuals programme is offered to persons who work independently, and are willing to co-operate through understanding the basic skills needed for reporting. Dive guides, boat skippers, tour leaders are encouraged to apply. The organizations programme allows NGO’s, hotels and resorts, diving centers, and private sector businesses to participate in resource management, and promoting public awareness.

Depending on the qualifications of volunteers, the RSMP is willing to arrange for an intensive one-day training course for volunteers. For organizations, a team from RSMP will be visiting applicant organizations to provide training for staff.

Individuals and organizations can apply in person at the below address or can apply by sending an e-mail to the RSMP. They will then be sent a response e-mail and application from. Interested candidates will be asked to complete the form and return it to the RSMP.

Red Sea Marine Parks
Kornich El Dhahar
Sama Beach Building
next to Geisum Village

[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel & Fax:
(065) 540720 – 548339.

Local News

Rebreather Divers Claim Record for Deepest Dive

Three German divers are claiming a depth record after a 224.5m dive in Safaga on 21st August, using closed circuit rebreathers. Chris Ullmann, Manfred FŸhrmann and Volker Clausen believe that they have completed the deepest rebreather dive ever undertaken after reportedly descending to 224.5m and spending 6 hours in decompression on their return.

All three divers are reported to be safe and well on their return to the surface.

Meanwhile the planned 333m dive by Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews at Sharm has been postponed for an unknown period. Sponsors of the dive report that medical checks on the divers needed to be completed.

Congratulations Again!

To Alex & Tanja on the birth of Anica-Marlen Alexa born on 17th August at 10:58am ... and here she is!

New Recompression Chamber

A new recompression Chamber opened in Safaga on 17th August. For emergencies or for further information, contact either Dr Hanaa 012 219 0383 or Dr Hossam
012 218 7550.

What's On

Cheb Sa’eed & Propaganda - Cairo

High-energy south Mediterranean sounds and grooves. Sa’eed is probably the best-known Raï singer in Cairo and he's always busy preparing a mega show. Taking place at the Cairo Jazz Club on the 28th August.

Kitchen Korner

Death by Cheese Sandwich

Try something different for lunch!

1 quart oil for frying
4 teaspoons mayonnaise
4 slices white bread
4 slices Cheddar cheese
1 cup milk
2 eggs
2 cups dry bread crumbs

1. Heat oil in a deep-fryer to 365 degrees F (180 degrees C).

2. Spread one teaspoon of mayonnaise onto each slice of bread. Place 2 pieces of cheese onto one slice of bread, then top with the other side of bread. The mayonnaise should be on the inside. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk. Place the bread crumbs into another dish. Dip each sandwich into the egg mixture, then coat with bread crumbs.

3. One at a time, immerse the sandwiches in the preheated oil. Fry until the cheese is melted, and the crust is golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes. Repeat with the other sandwich. Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil before serving.


Find out more at :


Job Title: Junior Designer NEW
Languages: English
Skills: Adobe Photoshop and/or Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash preferrable
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Secretary NEW
Languages: English essential.
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Office Assistant NEW
Languages: English essential, German/Italian desired.
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Diving Instructor NEW
Languages: French and German
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: 2 Receptionists
Languages: 1 German/1 Italian, English essential.
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Sales Representative/Guest Relations
Languages: German/Russian
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Teachers
Languages: English
Location: Sharm el Sheikh
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Diving Instructor
Languages: German
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Secretary/Receptionist
Languages: English
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: PADI/CMAS Instructor
Languages: English/Dutch/German
Location: Sharm el Sheikh
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Job Title: Admin Assistant
Languages: English and German/Dutch
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<
Secretary wanted to work part-time, starting immediately. Good computer skills and English essential. Full training provided. Good salary. If interested, please email. Hurghada. Office Assistant wanted for Diving Center. French essential, German/Italian desired. Good computer skills required. Please contact: Seafari Hurghada at
[email protected] or 010 101 3816
Diving Instructor wanted. French and German speaking to start immediately. Please contact: Seafari Hurghada at [email protected] or phone 010 101 3816. Hurghada.
Looking for a FOOTBALL-TRAINER !!! We are 10 international boys between 6 and 10 years of age who play football once a week. Is there anybody in Hurghada who loves to play football and would like to coach us, show us some tricks, tell us the rules and have fun with us on the football court? We all speak English and Arabic and we are very enthusiastic about learning great football. Please call 444925 or 012 224 4041
Looking for a Music teacher. Samir (7 years) and Junis (almost 5 years) are looking for someone nice who loves music and kids. We would love to learn drums and/or guitar once a week. Just call our mum Kiki: 444925 or 012 224 4041
Cleaner wanted - 2 hours per day, 6 days per week. If you can recommend someone, please contact: Julie 447309. Hurghada.
For Sale/Rent

Apartment for rent in Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna. 114m², 1 bedroom, 1 guest/office room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Wooden floors, fully furnished, A/C, 150 m² terrace overlooking the marina. Only for long term. Please contact : Roberta
012 222 3573.

Apartment for rent - two bedrooms, two bathrooms, American-style kitchen , livingroom, private roof terrace, air-conditioning and a lot more. Location - EL GOUNA, Abu Tig New Marina Town. For long-term rent. Please contact: Gamal Nassif [email protected]
120 DvDs for Sale. 10$ each. To be picked up in El Gouna. Please contact :
012 222 3573.
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