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Features & Articles

Tax! Tax!
by Chad Clark

Taking a ride in a Sharm taxi is just one small part of life's rich tapestry and is an experience to be cherished. Not only does the driver have absolutely no clue where he’s going, but he doesn’t really know how to drive either. This is obviously of little concern since the contents of his nasal passages are inherently more interesting than the whereabouts of the road or other road users - a special technique learnt at Taxi Drivers School to help alleviate the stresses incurred when not being able to drive or know where you’re going. An alternative method is to concentrate on changing the cassette, though this is loosing favour since whichever cassette eventually works sounds just the same as the last one.

Another special technique is employed when driving at night. In order not to dazzle on-coming traffic, it’s considered extremely bad manners to use headlights. Until the last minute that is, when a frantic flashing of full beam should shock the other driver from his reverie and send him hurtling off the road, thus ensuring more space for yourself.

The final joy of any taxi ride is the bill. Having directed the driver to your destination through clenched teeth and bent your arm backwards in an attempt to open a door with no handles, it’s customary to pay handsomely for the experience, plus a tip. A certain amount of civilized negotiation is expected, followed by the traditional sign language and references to one's mother's marital status and / or anatomy. Having paid the equivalent of the national debt of Cuba, you may continue your evening out safe in the knowledge that a repeat performance will be required to get home.

Me? I bought a jeep. I keep my lights on at night too. Crazy European………………..

Poem by R. A. K. Baker

She sat smiling on the sand
Lost briefly in my shadow
As I slowly padded by
Along the grit warm beach.

Some curious paces on
I stopped and turning feigned
A searching of the empty sea
To hide a backward glance.

She sat smiling on the sand
Beyond my touch or wanting
And I had to clench my toes
To hold myself at anchor.

Then she stood and looked at me
Who had torn her reverie.
I sank down at the water's edge;
The kicked sand pricked my thigh.

Local News

Animal Friends

Animal Friends

The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends is a charitable organization based in New Maadi, Cairo (registration
#5034). The organization's mission is to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and to give a helping hand to abandoned and stray animals.

The organisation in Cairo can be contacted at:

Egyptian Society of Animal Friends
30 Korshed Street / Road 293 / New Maadi
Tel: (++202) 702 1142
Mobile: (++2) 010-5358 651 (emergencies only)
E-mail: [email protected]

If you live in Hurghada the organisation meets every Monday evening at Da Capo coffee shop (opposite The Seagull Mall) from 7pm to 9pm. Ask for Renata.

Much more information about Animal Friends coming in the next issue ....

Congratulations ... again!

In the last issue of the Newsletter we congratulated Alla & Hassan Adly on the safe arrival of their baby daughter - Maryam Adly - born 21st January 2003. Here is a photo of the beautiful baby and Mum, both doing well. Baby & Mum

Dakar Rally

Rally Car The Dakar circus set out on January 1 from Marseilles, in the South of France. It rolled into Spain and from there to Tunisia, and all through the length and breadth of Libya, Egypt and Sinai. The trek, which ended on 19th January, went on for 19 days and 8,552 kilometers. Sharm el-Sheikh was the last stop. It is here that the victors spray themselves with champagne.

Some 395 contestants began the race: 167 motorcycles, 117 cars, 34 trucks and 107 support vehicles. The cost of participation for a single contestant starts at 30,000 Euros (the cost of a solo motorcyclist, without any technical support) but can reach several million Euros, as in the case of the rally teams sponsored by car makers, like Mitsubishi.

Dakar 2003 marks the 25th running of the race. The first Dakar Rally, in December 1978, was a humble, amateurish affair. The rally is now an extremely professional and cutting-edge event. Contestants are equipped with GPS navigation gear, satellite phones and specialized devices for sending distress signals. The winners of the race are professional drivers who train year-round. Even so, 80 percent of the contestants are amateur drivers. For some of them, this is their first race ever, and they have only one objective - surviving. Between 40 and 55 percent of all participants do not reach the finish line. Some quit due to exhaustion; others are hurt in accidents. On the tenth stage of the rally, between Zilla and Sarir, in Libya, navigator Bruno Cauvy was killed in a fatal accident. This is not entirely rare. Over the years, some 13 contestants have been killed. Many competitors fail to reach the finish line due to technical mishaps.

In the end, victory passed to Hiroshi Masuoka, in a Mitsubishi Pejero. This was Mitsubishi's seventh victory in the Dakar Rally, and Masuoka's second straight victory.

What's On

The Chill

Want to be in touch with the love of your life, but too shy to make the first step?!*!

Then come to our Full Moon party on Thursday 13th February and let our valentine angels deliver the message for you.

Starring > till mid-night : DJ Tinobianco (funky disco and club) + after midnight : DJ Shokry (club + deephouse) + DJ Beathoven (trance + techno)

c u in ... The Chill


Parents & Kids Guide
Teen Page Sara El Katib
by Sara El Katib
My name is Sara El Katib. I’m 12 years old, almost 13, and have put together this information for other teens in Hurghada to have a good time with their friends!

For teenagers, there are not many places to go. In the summer everyone goes to the beach, but other places to go, at any season, are:

The cinema at the Seagull Mall - has had films such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Star Wars Episode II, etc., or a nice place to eat, like McDonalds or Pizza Hut. Another great place to go is Bulls European bakery. Take a friend with you, have a chat and eat a mini pizza, croissant, doughnut, pastry, etc. My friends and I also meet at local internet cafes.

Nights In
For a night in, go to the video and music cassette shop “El Hefnawi”, opposite Thomas Cook in Sekalla. They have a large selection of videos to rent and good western music tapes to buy.

I attend the Sabirova Dancing School. We learn Ballet and Modern Dance and we put on regular shows. In December we danced at three different local locations. It’s hard work, especially leading up to a show with a lot of rehearsals, but it is great fun.

See you in the next issue for more information for Teens...!

Children’s Health Issues - Appendicitis
by Sue El Katib

There are only two things that I worry about, one is Appendicitis and the other is Meningitis.

Recently my 12 year-old daughter suffered an appendicitis. It was so sudden it took us all by surprise. She complained about a stomach pain at 8 o’clock on New Year Eve, just before we went out to dinner. At 1 am she vomited, but still we thought it was a stomach bug. She slept all night and woke up at 12pm telling me the pain was on her right-hand side just above the hipbone. It wasn’t until then that I began to realize it maybe an appendicitis.

We went to the hospital for a blood test and they said her white blood cells were raised, but we had to return in two hours for a second blood test. We returned for the second test and within an hour she was in the operating theatre.

We had excellent service at the hospital and where we were taken it was clean and well staffed. My daughter spent 3 days in a private room in the Tourist Section – the room was freshly painted and spotless and it had a balcony and private bathroom. There was only one other room occupied and we had two nurses in attendance the whole time. The Surgeon was very good and checked up on his patient several times that night and the next morning, and each day afterwards.

Since this happened, the Doctor has told us that the most common time for Appendicitis in teenagers is between 12 and 14 years, and it is accelerated during this period. I’ve since spoken to many other people who had the same thing at a similar age, including one 12 year old boy who had it at the same time as my daughter.

If you have a 12 to 14 year old, please be aware of the signs.

In next weeks issue ... Children’s Health Issues - Meningitis


Seeking French Tutor for evening sessions. Please contact Anja by e-mail:
[email protected] (Hurghada).
Russian speaking lady wanted to work in gift shop and to do general housekeeping. Good salary and accommodation provided. Please contact: Gillian. Hurghada. 010 193 1232
Anyone interested in a streetdance / aerobics classes? Drop me a line at
[email protected] Would love to get this class started!
Arabic Teacher: to teach Arabic to a small group for 2 hours per week. Please contact: Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276
Tennis Partner/Coach: to play once or twice per week. Beginner/intermediate. Please contact: Julie. Hurghada. 065 447309

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