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14 July 2003

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Features & Articles

Papas 5 Years!

It all began 5 years ago ... the first Papas Bar was opened on 18th July 1998 in Sekalla by Ramon, Freek (both Dutch) and Fissal (Egyptian) and this Friday is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Many people living in Egypt will relate to how it all started - Ramon and his wife, Henny, came on holiday to Hurghada in February 1998, liked it and stayed! Ramon then teamed up with his friend Freek, both who had vast experience as Bar Managers in Holland, and Papas was born.

In 2000 Papas opened a second location downtown - Papas II. One year later the Papas Beach Club emerged and, at this time, Paul joined the Papas team. Paul, from the UK, was a regular visitor to Hurghada and knew Ramon and Freek from his frequent visits to the original Papas bar. Although Paul was originally going to be a silent partner in the business while working as a full-time Safari Guide, he eventually decided to work with Ramon, Freek & Fissal on a full-time basis.

Papas has now expanded internationally to the Caribbean with Papas Aruba. Ramon and Freek are soon to open the new venue, which was born once again from a holiday in the Caribbean, they liked it ... and stayed!

Well known for it's "lazy days and funky nights", Papas currently has three resident DJ's and a core of 12 European bands to choose from. The Papas All Stars are a winning combination of talent selected from the 12 core bands and have been flown in especially to celebrate the 5th anniversary.

When asked what gives them a kick out of living and working in Hurghada, the owners of Papas said, "Every day is brand new, you never know what's going to happen ... it's a challenge!"

See the Papas All Stars at:

Friday 18th July Papas Bar - opposite Aqua Fun Hotel, Segalla : 5th BIG Birthday Party and FREE drinks & food for all local residents.
Saturday 19th July Papas Beach Club - located in Sekalla, directly on the beach.
Monday 21st July Papas II - dowtown, next to Shedwan Hotel
Wednesday 23rd July Papas Beach Club

A big thanks to everyone for the last 5 fun filled years!
Come and join the event of the year.

Local News

Congratulations Hesham and Lucia

Ali, 3kg and 50cm, was born in Italy on the 13th of July 2003. Both mother and son are happy and healthy!
Pre-Natal Yoga (Hurghada) : Schedule Change

Class has moved from Friday 11am to every Saturday at 5pm.

New Dental Clinic in Hurghada

The long awaited clinic of Dr. Ahmed Kamal has opened! Get in line, the waiting list is long! Congratulations and good luck Dr. Ahmed.

Mummified Pets To Go On Show

Ancient Egyptians loved their pets so much they even wanted to take them into the after life.
Mummified cats, dogs, monkeys and even crocodiles - lovingly preserved in the same way as the pharaohs - will be on display later this month in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Egyptian antiquities chief Zahi Hawass told Reuters Television that ancient Egyptians were not only pet lovers who wanted to preserve animals for life after death, but also held some animal forms as sacred. "The ancient Egyptians worshipped the god Thoth, the god of wisdom, in the shape of a monkey," he said.

A mummified pet would either be placed in its owner's coffin or buried in its own casket. The exhibition includes a bandaged gazelle displayed in a limestone casket shaped to the animal's form. Egyptian Museum Director-General Mahmoud el-Damati said the mummified animals to go on show date from between 1600 BC to 200 AD.

Useful Web Site of the Week

A simple-to-use, on-line translation tool.

What's On

The Chill

Full Moon Party !

Thursday 17th July

Starring DJ Remski
(from The Netherlands)

c u in the Chill

El Tabia Beach - Sheraton Road - Sakala - Hurghada

Kitchen Korner

For those long, hot summer months ...

Slush Fun

To make ice cold, flavored "slushy drinks", any combination of juices, or even tea or coffee, can be the base. Pour the liquid into a pot and add approximately 1 part sugar for every 4 parts liquid. This amount can be adjusted, depending on how sweet your juice already is - for example, lemon will need more sugar than apple. Bring the mixture to a boil just until the sugar is dissolved, and then let it cool to room temperature. Pour it into a shallow baking pan and up it in the freezer. After half an hour, stir it with a fork to loosen the ice crystals around the sides. Continue to stir every half hour until the mixture is completely slushy. Pile it into wide-mouthed cups and serve it with little spoons or wide straws.

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Job Title: Personnel Assistant
Languages: German & English
Location: Hurghada
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Job Title: PADI/CMAS Instructor
Location: Sharm el Sheikh
Languages: English/Dutch/German
Skills: min 500 dives, min 25 certifications & Red Sea experience
:  [email protected]
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Job Title: Administration Assistant
Location: Hurghada
Languages: English. German and/or Dutch
Skills: Good computer skills
Contact: Essam 012 316 3245
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English lady looking for full-time, Secretarial work in Hurghada to start as soon as possible. Good computer skills, good communication skills, professional attitude. Please contact: Michelle 010 351 5905
Looking for new or second hand aluminium, 11.2 liter tanks, with valid hydro test.
With or without valve. Please contact: 012 452 1086 or [email protected]
Looking for a good company to manage and operate windsurfing school in Lotus Bay, Safaga. Please contact: Mahmoud 012 224 2527 or email [email protected]
For Sale
Aladin Pro Nitrox Computer with instruction book (English) and face guard, good condition - 1100 LE o.n.o. Oceanic Versa Pro Nitrox Computer with instruction book, only made 10 dive, unwanted present - 1800 LE o.n.o. (was 2600 LE new). Brand new Oceanic Console with hp hose, depth gauge, air gauge and compass - 700 LE o.n.o. Tiguullio mask with side windows, brand new - 180 LE o.n.o. Sherwood split fins as new, size medium/small - 400 LE o.n.o. Call Lisa or Paul on 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
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