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23rd June 2003

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Features & Articles

Desert Divers

Get yourself onto a Camel Diving Safari – a unique diving adventure you won't find anywhere else in the world!

Seven years ago, Said Khader convinced a group of divers to embark on a Bedouin style adventure. There were rumours of beautiful diving south of Dahab, but the area was inaccessible by boat or jeep. They loaded their dive gear, tanks, a mini compressor and themselves onto the backs of camels and set off on what's now known as a 'Camel Diving Safari'.

F or 5 days they travelled as nomads - diving, chilling out, eating Bedouin meals, sleeping under the stars and waking at dawn to dive again. They discovered stunning dive sites – sites like Gabr El Bint with a wall of gorgonians that stretches as far as the eye can see. They also discovered the Bedouin life.

This was the birth of Desert Divers – home of the Camel Diving Safari, and Dahab's most beautiful dive centre. Find out more at We'd love to welcome you to a very special dive experience! Email : [email protected] Tel: +20 (069) 640 500

Local News

Irish Design for Cairo Museum

An international jury chose an Irish design for an Egyptian antiquities museum set to be the largest in the world. Shih-Fu Peng of the Dublin firm Heneghan Peng Architects, created a modern design with a roofline reflecting the pyramids that stand near to where the museum will be built, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Waiting List Status

For up-to-date information on your waiting list status on an Egyptair flight, send an SMS to telephone number 3247 and write EARS, followed by a space, followed by your reference code. Your status will SMS-ed back to you!

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What's On

3rd Anniversary!!!

Thursday 26th June

DJ Shokry -
featuring African beats (live).
FREE vodka shots served by power girls and more ....

c u in the Chill

El Tabia Beach - Sheraton Road - Sakala - Hurghada

Now Playing in Hurghada
10.30am, 3.30pm, 6.30pm & 9.30pm

Cinema Moonlight
Inspired by the extrodinary true story of a brilliant young master of deception and a brilliant forger, Catch Me If You Can follows Frank W. Abagnale Jr. as he successfully passes himself off as a pilot, a lawyer and a doctor – all before his 21st birthday! FBI Agent Carl Hanratty has made it his prime mission to capture Frank and bring him to justice, but Frank is always one step ahead of him, baiting him to continue the chase. Starring Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Hanks. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Parents & Kids Guide

Sun Safety

It is now well known that exposure to sun puts people at risk from skin cancer and premature aging and that most of that exposure comes during childhood (80% of a person's lifetime sun exposure occurs before they are 21). Regular use of sunscreen in children can lower their risk of skin cancer by almost 78%. There are many sunscreens available for safe use in children over six months old. Pick one that offers UVA and UVB protection and that has a SPF of 15 or higher (especially if your child has light skin). Apply the sunscreen in a thick coat at least 30-45 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours (or more often in he is swimming or perspiring heavily). Here are some other tips to protect your child from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • Wear protective clothing, including a hat and long sleeve shirt and long pants. Keep in mind that most clothing only has a SPF of 5-9, so you can still get sun damage with a shirt on.
  • Limit exposure to the sun when it is at its strongest (10am-4pm).
  • Protect your child's eyes with sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Use sunscreen daily, even if it is cloudy, since most of the sun's radiation penetrates clouds and can still cause sunburn.
  • Consider using a sunscreen with ingredients (such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) that physically block the sun's radiation if your child has sensitive skin.
  • Deet lowers the effectiveness of sunscreens, so use a higher SPF if you are using a combination product that has both a sunscreen and an insect repellant.


Find out more at :

Job Title: Personnel Assistant
Languages: German & English
Location: Hurghada
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: Secretary
Location: El Gouna
Starting from: 24 March 2003
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: Sales Person
Qualities: Real Estate Sales -
experience and languages
Location: El Gouna
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: Factory Machinist
Location: Hurghada

Egyptian, Male/Female
Contact: Remo 012 326 0893
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: Administration Assistant
Location: Hurghada
Languages: English. German and/or Dutch
Skills: Good computer skills
Contact: Essam 012 316 3245
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: Secretary
Languages: Good English essential

Contact: Ahmed Kamel 010 120 0342
>>Apply for this Job online<<

Job Title: PADI/CMAS Instructor
Location: Sharm el Sheikh
Languages: English/Dutch/German
Skills: min 500 dives, min 25 certifications & Red Sea experience
: [email protected]

Wanted - the contact details of any Optometrists in the Hurghada area. (An Optometrist is a person who is professionally trained and licensed to examine the eyes for visual defects, diagnose problems or impairments, and prescribe corrective lenses or provide other types of treatment.) Please send details to: [email protected]
Looking for a good company to manage and operate windsurfing school in Lotus Bay, Safaga. Please contact: Mahmoud 012 224 2527 or email [email protected]
Job as Personal Assistant/Secretary/Office Manager, etc. wanted - in Hurghada - to start immediately. Speak Norwegian & English fluently, and Spanish & German. Computer literate. Please contact: Camilla 012 426 4014 or email [email protected]
Job as Guest Relation/Reception/Office/Secretary in Sharm el Sheikh from September 2003. 25 years old, Swiss nationality and speak German, English, French, Italian and Arabic. Please contact : Susanne Geissler [email protected]

Seeking Summer Job!!! I am a 24 year old female seeking a job in Sinai, preferably Sharm el Sheikh, but open to any other place, for the month of August only. I speak both English and Arabic, am a Rescue Diver, have worked for two years with children in British International schools in Cairo, and love to sing! I am willing to try anything new! Contact me on 012 2149983 or [email protected]

New or second hand dishwasher. Please call Julie 012 718 6276. Hurghada. Wanted - English reading books, anything considered, will pay and Learn German books in English. Call Lisa or Paul on 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
For Sale
Aladin Pro Nitrox Computer with instruction book (English) and face guard, good condition - 1100 LE o.n.o. Oceanic Versa Pro Nitrox Computer with instruction book, only made 10 dive, unwanted present - 1800 LE o.n.o. (was 2600 LE new). Brand new Oceanic Console with hp hose, depth gauge, air gauge and compass - 700 LE o.n.o. Tiguullio mask with side windows, brand new - 180 LE o.n.o. Sherwood split fins as new, size medium/small - 400 LE o.n.o. Call Lisa or Paul on 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
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