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Features & Articles

Becoming De-Rastified!
By the Pange

In the last issue we learnt the truth about becoming rastified and asked ... "what condition is Pangie's "real" hair in, does she have ANY left?!*!" Here she reveals all ...

It took a total of three hours to be de-rastified, so again, I would recommend to take along food and activites for this part also. In the end I was pleasantly surprised to find I had two hairstyles for the price of one! After becoming de-rastified I looked like a crimped puff ball, which I thought just great! I didn't wash my hair for 3 days as I liked the look so much! So, to conclude - yes, I did have some hair left and the whole experience was good, but only for the puff ball effect at the end!

Roll Up! Roll Up! All the fun of the fair. All the fun of the fair.

Want to do something completely different one evening? If so, try out the fun fair opposite the Central Telecommunication Center for something very different and very weird!

You enter the fun fair through the mouth of the large painted face and once inside, the fun begins! You can dice with your life on the ferris wheel, also known as “the wheel of death” or risk life and limb on the bumper cars. The “wheel of death” gets its name from the fact that, a) it looks like it’s about to collapse, b) it seems to be powered by a large, frayed rubber band, and c) there is absolutely nothing to keep you or your loved ones in the swaying, rotating gondolas. The bumper cars are in a lot better condition, but there are certainly too many of them for the area provided and there are way too many wanna-be Schumacher’s bashing into everyone. There are various other delights of the fun BUT the highlight of the evening is The Show – a not-to-be-missed experience! This takes place in what resembles a chicken shed and also doubles as what smells like the local toilet, but all that aside, the entertainment is very “entertaining”! The first act is a ventriloquist, who would be very talented if only you couldn’t see his lips moving! He is very funny though … if you can understand Arabic! This act is followed by The Magician, who is actually quite entertaining, with his disappearing and multiplying table tennis balls and his unfathomable card tricks. However, the last act is most definitely worth suffering through all that has come before. All I will say is that this involves a girl, a vase, a pink feather scarf and a large crate … see if you can work out how it’s done. I certainly couldn’t!!

Local News


Congratulations to Alla & Hassan Adley on the safe arrival of their baby daughter - Maryan Adley - born 21st January 2003, weighing in at 3.35kg, at a length of 50cm.

Increase in Marine Park Fees?

In our last issue we reported that the word on the street was that Marine Park Fees may be increased from $2 to $3 per person. We can now confirm that this is not going to be the case.

Solar Panels

With all the sun that Egypt receives, why is it that so few buildings are supplied with solar panels? If anyone can throw any light (ha, ha!) on this matter, please do email us. In the meantime, we are investigating further.

What's On

Cinema Moonlight

Now on at Cinema Moonlight (Seagull Mall, Hurghada): "Spy Kids II". S
how times: 3:30pm & 6:30pm.

Kite Show 2003 Kite Show 2003, El Gouna, the leading Internet kite forum, is launching The Kite Show 2003 in El Guona from 28th March to 6th April 2003. The Kite Show is a beach exhibition for kiteboarders, by the kiteboarding industry and professionals. The purpose is to give kiteboarders the opportunity to test and evaluate new equipment before purchasing, as well as meeting other kiteboarders; all in a sunny environment where the winds are consistent and the parties are good.

Many international brands and manufacturers will participate in the event with their staff and team riders on site to assist and give professional advice to visitors.

Arab Organisation for Industrialisation Exhibition

The Arab Organisation for Industrialisation is holding it's first week of a travelling roadshow on the 1st Floor of the Kotta Centre (opposite the Marlin Inn Hotel, Hurghada) before moving onto Cairo on Wednesday 5th February. Here you will find a collection of locally produced and/or assembled products ranging from children's clothing, TVs, videos, computers, electrical generators, solar panels and even a mini-dump truck! This exhibition gives a good insight into what is produced and/or assembled in Egypt.

Parents & Kids Guide Parents & Kids Guide

The Hotel With Choo-Choo Train, Playground AND Zoo!

For a fun day out with your children, visit the Jasmine Village Hotel, Hurghada. Here you will find a small train that takes guests from the reception area to the beach and back again. Although in reality this is only a short ride, it is still a thrilling ride for small children. During the train ride you will pass the large, grass playground, which has a large number of slides of various sizes, as well as swings, a play house and a tunnel. You will also pass the "zoo"! The playground is flanked by caged birds at one end and caged monkeys at the other end and long one side of the playground there are pens with goats, rabbits, ducks and even pelicans!

Marine Club (Hurghada) Playground

The Marine Club is located just north of the Grand Hotel and is open to all. There is an entry fee of 1LE to use the playground, which is on your left as you walk towards the sea. The playground is very big and offers a large number of different activites for children of all ages. There is sand underfoot and no shade for the children while they are playing, but there is shade for the adults to sit under while the children run wild.

Sindbad Hotel (Hurghada) Playground

The Sindbad Hotel playground is also sand and is much smaller than either of the above, but it does offer a good range of activities for younger children. There is a nice climbing frame with slide, a large see-saw and a few animal shaped swings. This playground would not keep the children entertained for long, but is well worth a short stay.


Anyone interested in a streetdance / aerobics classes? Drop me a line at
[email protected] Would love to get this class started!
Cleaner: wanted for 2 or 3 times per week for general household cleaning. Please contact: Gillian. Hurghada. 010 193 1232
Arabic Teacher: to teach Arabic to a small group for 2 hours per week. Please contact: Mark. Hurghada. 012 718 6276
Adapter: Need a Sony AC adapter (19.5 volts) for laptop
Please contact: Lloyd. Hurghada. 065 440685
Tennis Partner/Coach: to play once or twice per week. Beginner/intermediate. Please contact: Julie. Hurghada. 065 447309

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