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Features & Articles

Red Sea Hotels

Phone: (+20) 65 44 74 85-90
Fax: (+20) 65 44 37 50
email: [email protected]

Located 10km to Downtown Hurghada, situated next to its own private beach.

Private beach & extensive gardens
2 swimming pools
Complimentary sun loungers, beach towels
and umbrellas
Shops - Grand Shopping Mall featuring additional bars, restaurants and disco.
Complimentary deposit box

550 rooms, all with private bath/shower and WC including:
Standard rooms, Superior rooms, Superior Deluxe rooms, Family rooms and suites.
32 suites
All rooms have satellite TV, telephone, mini fridge and air-conditioning

Health Club with sauna, jacuzzi and massage.
2 tennis courts
Beach volleyball
Table tennis
Animation day and night
Windsurfing centre
Diving centre
Aqua centre

3 main restaurants
1 a la carte restaurant
1 coffee shop
1 beach bar
2 pool bars
2 lobby bars
24-hour room service
1 piano bar
2 beach restaurants

Battle of the Ages for Bedouins in Egypt

By day Sheikh Ibrahim Salem Salman looks like any other Egyptian taxi driver - at dusk he swaps his shirt and trousers for the black robes of a traditional judge among the Bedouin of the Sinai desert.

Sheikh Ibrahim, 30, hails from the al-Trabine tribe and dons his abaya and traditional red and white keffiya headdress before scores of tribesmen arrive to sip tea with him. Under a make-shift tent, where concrete blocks replace camel hides and simple mattresses stand in for colourful handmade rugs, he sits behind a huge fireplace preparing for a busy night.

"Our way of life is changing. We are now living within the boundaries of cities and urban areas. So we have to change our way of our life and try at the same time to maintain our traditions. It is becoming a dilemma," the sheikh says as he builds a small fire for the tea pot. "Satellite dishes and mobile phones are now essential, but at the same time our women still use the traditional way of cooking and baking bread," he adds. "They still herd sheep, weave rugs and produce garments that are becoming more and more popular in urban places."

Not far from Sheikh Ibrahim's tent, one of his two wives - covering her face and body with a black veil - bakes the Bedouin bread known as fitier, while her children play nearby. "It is essential to have fitier during the three main courses - breakfast, lunch and dinner," says the Bedouin woman who calls herself um-Fathi.

Questions about women are extremely delicate and Bedouins consider it taboo to discuss them with strangers, yet many women go every Thursday and Saturday to marketplaces in the cities of al-Arish and nearby Rafah, which sits on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Their products, which attract foreigners as well as local urban dwellers, vary from colourful hand-knitted rugs to homemade olive oil and dates. "A Bedouin man does not sell what women produce. According to tradition it diminishes the honour of a man to sell products made by a women," says Hatem, a resident expert in the Bedouin lifestyle. "Women are a very sensitive issue for Bedouins. They are considered a part of a man's inner life that one does not discuss. They may not appear when strangers are present unless their faces are covered or if their man allows them to," he says.

Some of the changes in Bedouin lifestyles include their weddings. "In the past brides rode a camel brought by the groom, now big cars have taken over," Sheikh Ibrahim notes. "The means of transportation may have changed, but we have not given up our tradition of holding three full days and nights of continuous celebrations where sheep are slaughtered and their meat distributed to the tribe," he adds. A Bedouin respects other ancestral traditions when he gets married as well. He need bring only a mattress, pillow, drinking jar and washing basin. Grooms are then given a pack of tea, sugar, a sheep and occasionally a camel from his peers as gifts.

Bedouins are recognised by their nomadic lifestyles, dialects, social structure and culture, but their number is decreasing as more and more give up nomadic lives for sedentary ones. An estimated 80,000 Bedouins live in the northern Sinai peninsula, which has a total population of 300,000. Bedouins traditionally travel in extended family units headed by a sheikh, a position handed down from father to eldest son. They lived in tents, and with Muslim conquests during the seventh century their territories extended across the Arab world.

Local News

Hurghada Post Office Relocation

The Hurghada Post Office has moved from Downtown (from between the Government Shop and the Downtown Telephone Central) to a spanking, new building, set back from the road, on the Inner Hurghada By-Pass, the road leading to El Gouna.

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Weather in Hurghada

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What's On

Papas Bar No. 1 Nightlife in Hurghada

Champions League Semi-Final

Champions League Semi-Final
Papas Bar

Divers Night
Papas Bar 2

Play Station Tournament

DVD Night

Drinkers Night
Buy 1 get 1 Free until 11pm
(Excluding hard liqueurs)
Thursday 1st

Kitchen Korner
by Kareena Spratt
Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken

1/4-cup butter or margarine
1/2-cup honey
2 Tablespoons French Mustard
1-1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder
1/2-teaspoon salt
1 whole chicken or 3/4 kilo of chicken pieces

In a 13 x 9 pan, melt butter. Then add the honey, mustard, curry powder and salt. Add chicken pieces and stir to coat both sides of the chicken. Bake 40 minutes* at Gas 4/190 Celsius/ 375 Fahrenheit turning over half way through cooking. Serve with rice and your favourite vegetable.

*Reduce cooking time if your chicken is boneless.

This recipe is quick, easy to make and only uses one pan! Best of all, there is plenty of sauce available to spoon over your rice. All these ingredients can be found here in Hurghada.

Job Title: Sales Person
Qualities: Real Estate Sales - experience and languages
Location: El Gouna
Job Title: Secretary
Languages: English, French and/or German
Location: El Gouna
Job Title: Translators
Languages: Russian, Italian, German, French
Location: Hurghada
Looking for a job: Office/secretarial work. Good people skills. Full time or part time. Please contact Kareena at 44-3033 extension 103.
Find out more at :
For Sale
Fresh Italian pasta to order. Please contact: Injy 012 371 4861
Norco VPS Buzz Mountain Bike (from Canada). Aluminum monocoque frame (yellow), 6" suspension front and rear (Marzocchi and Fox) 2.5" tires (Intense Comp60 with 2 heavy duty spare tubes), hydraulic disc brakes (Hayes), grip shift (SRam Attack), telescoping seatpost (Axiom). Asking $1,500 USD. Please contact: Steve [email protected] El Gouna.
Dive suit size 12 woman 150 LE ; Childs dive suit aged 4-6 100 LE ; Electric keyboard brand new with stand. 1600 LE ; Various videos for kids 20 LE each ; clothes size 12 for women, various ; Bike egyptian style 140 LE x2 ; Childrens toys various ; Boys bike as new 200 LE never been used. Please contact: Tuyet 010 510 1792. El Gouna.
Pajeo GLX, 3000cc, 1991, 220 K km, 7 seater, all options, well maintained and always reliable. USD 5,000 (Tax free status). Phone Chris, Cairo 02 758 5375, 02 292 0515 or 012 22 88 531.
PC Pentium III Celeron 1Gh, HD WD 60Gb 7200RPM, RAM 256Mb, 32Mb Video, CD-Rom ACER 52X, CD RW Philips 16X10X42X, Fax Modem Motorola 56000, Monitor ACER 15",
Speakers Zoltrix, with software, games & movies. Last price 400 EUR. VCR GoldStar, excellent condition, 100 EUR. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202.
Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick.
Limited Liability Company with broad list of activities covering most tourism related activities, sales, F&B distribution, trips. Full legal set up. Ready to go.
Please contact: Injy 012 371 4861.
2 Mountain Bikes - Peugeot. One almost new, Peugeot TC Origin - 250$. One 3 years old, Peugeot Explorer 110 - 100$. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202. Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick. DVD Player. Pioneer DVL-909 multiregion pal/ntsc, remote control and CD player function one year old. Price LE 1500. Please contact: Karim 010 122 0235. Hurghada
Small/medium Cressi frog fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Large titanium, 5mm, one piece suit, $100 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
5 pocket padded Mares weightbelt, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Small Technisub Stratus open heel fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Children's Swimming Lessons in Hurghada. If you are interested in your child taking swimming lessons with a qualified Swimming Teacher, once per week, at 6pm, please contact: Julie 065 447309.
Home Help wanted. Lady to look after baby girl during the day and 4 year old daughter after 3pm, and to help in the house with daily tasks. Accomodation provided - studio with telephone, fridge, cooking facilities, TV with satellite channels. One day off per week (Friday) and vacations according to family work schedule. Please contact: Liza El Shaer 012 238 5611 or [email protected] Sharm el Sheikh. 
I am seeking to find an Arabic class or private tutor for this summer (late June through to mid-August) in Sharm El-Sheikh. Please contact: Jenna at [email protected]
Wanted washing machine, TV and AC newish. Please contact: Tuyet 010 510 1792. El Gouna. Gesucht - Suche gleichgesinnte, die das Boogie-Tanzen vermissen. Kontakt: Traudl Telefon: 010 6976053
Baby's cot wanted. Second hand, good condition, sturdy and preferably wooden with sliding slide. Please contact: Julie
065 447309. Hurghada.
Second hand scooter wanted. Any make/model. Please contact: Susann 010 699 2513.
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