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Features & Articles

All I gotta do is – act naturally
by Chad Clark

Not many of us get the chance to be a movie star especially if, like me, one has chosen to live on a lump of fossilised coral jutting out into the Red Sea a thousand miles from civilisation. When I saw the advertisement for extras in a Martini commercial I just new that this was my big break. I am, after all, Mr.Martini personified. Cool, charming, witty, sophisticated, debonair – and I’ve got nice hands too.

Arriving in good time for the meeting, I came across Sharm El Sheikhs beautiful people, miraculously transformed from dive bums into erstwhile sophisticates, with the exception of one guy who’s taste in shorts left something to be desired. To calm my nerves I proceeded to aim an unstoppable tirade of my best sarcastic wit in his direction. Fortunately, he had a sense of humour. I say fortunately, because he turned out to be the director, and directors are not renowned for their sense, especially in the dress department.

Possibly out of spite, the ladies in the wardrobe department proceeded to dress me in a beige blazer, flannels, pink shirt, purple tie and, to cap it all, a panama hat. They murmured something about white balance and my follicularly challenged pate before sending me off to join all the other beautiful people to meet the man in the shorts.

We proceeded to be filmed and photographed from all angles and then were asked if we could swim. Could we swim? We’re all diving instructors for heavens sake. Would we jump off a boat into the sea? Not a problem. Do it every day. Actually it’s a platform 5 metres above the sea. Ah, well, 5 metres, how high is 5 metres? Well, I guess I could. OK, sign here.

Arriving on the jetty the following morning I spied our boat. Actually, I spied a wooden platform built onto the back of a boat and it looked rather high. We sailed off into the sunrise and moored up in the pretty little bay of Marsa Bareka. It was all very exciting, cameras and wires everywhere. People talking into radios and mobile phones, all looking very important. At first it seemed quite civilised, just hanging loose, talking and being filmed. Not without experience of hanging loose at parties, I fell back into my best method-acting mode and suggested that a glass of Martini might not go amiss. ‘Later’, I was told.

After a lunch break and a few moments relaxation to recover from the ardour’s of hanging loose, we were sent back up on the platform to hang loose again. Then the shorts whispered in my ear ‘ we want you to jump off when we give you the nod, so that we can catch the surprise in everybody’s faces ’. It seemed a fine idea to get this jumping business over and done with, so upon the appropriate signal I removed my panama and hurled myself majestically over the side and down, down, down. Ouch. It hurt. I surfaced to a respectable applause, climbed back onto the boat and was immediately set upon by two young ladies who forcibly ripped the wet clothing from my body. I began warming to my new life as a film star. Within minutes it was dried, ironed and ready to be worn again – most impressive. By now, the rest of the cast had begun lemming wise to throw themselves into the sea. I rejoined the group on the platform, happy in the knowledge that I’d done my bit, and requested a glass of Martini. ‘Later’ I was told. ‘First of all you’ve got to jump’. But, I just did! What was the problem? Didn’t they capture my graceful descent on the first take? It slowly dawned on me that I was expected to spend the next three days continuously launching myself into mid-air. Now I definitely needed a glass, or possibly two, of anything.

Apart from a brief respite spent strolling barefoot along a particularly stony beach, hand in hand with bottles of Martini, the following days were indeed spent leaping off this platform in every which way possible. Eventually I did get my glass of Martini. I was also forced to kiss the Russian ballerina too, for the camera of course. Happily, I really did appear in the ad, but the shorts got their revenge. Three days of hanging loose in the midday sun and throwing myself off a 5 metre high platform resulted in my first international screen appearance - a half second shot of the most photogenic part of my anatomy, my left hand, holding two bottles of Martini. Needless to say, they only got one bottle back.

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No. 1 Nightlife in Hurghada

Divers Night

Beer Festival &
Games Night

Divers Night

Play Station Tournament

Candle Party


DVD Night

Thursday 17th
Saturday 19th
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Drinkers Night

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Earth Day - 22nd April 2003 Earth Day Network

Earth Day, which occurs annually on April 22nd, involves tens of thousands of events, from rallies to concerts and earth fairs. Earth Day events happen everywhere: in casbahs, capitals, villages, schools and temples.

In 2001, in the Philippines "The Third Tour of the Fireflies" was a massive 50k bike ride to raise awareness about alternative transportation. In Kenya, protests occurred against deforestation and over 6,000 trees were planted. In Thailand, inhabitants of Burmese refugee camps celebrated Earth Day by planting trees. In the United States, Los Angeles students formed a massive aerial message telling the world that it's time to "GO SOLAR."

In 2000, millions of people around the world in 184 countries celebrated Earth Day. In the United States, the flagship event occurred on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of thousands of people gathered on April 22nd to rally for Clean Energy Now! which was chaired by Leonardo Di Caprio.

To celebrate this years' Earth Day, various events will take place in El Gouna over three days, from 21st-23rd April - kids environment conservation seminar, kids drawing competition, wild life photo gallery, lectures, exhibitions, underwater & beach clean-up, tree planting, environment conservation classes, prizes and MUCH MORE!

Funds raised will be used for environmental projects such as the installation of additional mooring buoys and regular underwater and beach cleanups. For more information contact: Green Gouna at [email protected]

Parents & Kids
Parents & Kids
Toilet Training

You may worry about picking the right time to start teaching your toddler to use the toilet. On average, most children begin by around their second birthday, but as with everything in a child's development, each child is different. Up to the age of 20 months, toddlers' bladders will empty very often, making it difficult for them to master 'holding on' for the toilet.

Follow your child's lead - when they are ready to try using a potty they will let you know. Try not to worry when your friend proudly states, "Oh, my daughter was out of nappies by now".

Your child may be ready to start trying to use the toilet when they:

  • stay dry for a couple of hours each day
  • takes an interest when you, your partner or older brothers and sisters, go to the toilet.
  • has bowel movements at regular times of the day
  • can demonstrate when a bowel movement is taking place
  • lets you know they want their nappy to be changed

It's usually best not to start toilet training your child during times of stress, such as:

  • the arrival of a new baby in the family
  • starting a new childcare arrangement
  • moving your child from a cot into a bed
  • moving house
  • family relationship problems
  • when a family member is ill

Top tips for toilet teaching:

  • If your toddler is having a lot of accidents or seems unwilling to try using the toilet, he is showing that he doesn't feel ready. Go back to nappies and wait a while before trying again.
  • Be positive and upbeat - show the change as something exciting!
  • Give lots of praise whenever your child manages to use the potty.
  • Don't rush things. Sometimes if you start teaching later, it will take less time.
  • Expect set backs on the way to success.
  • Give your toddler clothes that can be easily pulled down - no fiddly buttons!
  • Do your best not to be angry with your child if they have an accident.
  • NEVER force a child who is reluctant to sit on the potty

Job Title: Sales Person
Qualities: Real Estate Sales - experience and languages
Location: El Gouna
Job Title: Secretary
Languages: English, French and/or German
Location: El Gouna
Job Title: Translators
Languages: Russian, Italian, German, French
Location: Hurghada
Find out more at :
For Sale
Dive suit size 12 woman 150 LE ; Childs dive suit aged 4-6 100 LE ; Electric keyboard brand new with stand. 1600 LE ; Various videos for kids 20 LE each ; clothes size 12 for women, various ; Bike egyptian style 140 LE x2 ; Childrens toys various ; Boys bike as new 200 LE never been used. Please contact: Tuyet 010 510 1792. El Gouna.
Pajeo GLX, 3000cc, 1991, 220 K km, 7 seater, all options, well maintained and always reliable. USD 5,000 (Tax free status). Phone Chris, Cairo 02 758 5375, 02 292 0515 or 012 22 88 531.
PC Pentium III Celeron 1Gh, HD WD 60Gb 7200RPM, RAM 256Mb, 32Mb Video, CD-Rom ACER 52X, CD RW Philips 16X10X42X, Fax Modem Motorola 56000, Monitor ACER 15",
Speakers Zoltrix, with software, games & movies. Last price 400 EUR. VCR GoldStar, excellent condition, 100 EUR. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202.
Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick.
2 Mountain Bikes - Peugeot. One almost new, Peugeot TC Origin - 250$. One 3 years old, Peugeot Explorer 110 - 100$. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202. Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick. DVD Player. Pioneer DVL-909 multiregion pal/ntsc, remote control and CD player function one year old. Price LE 1500. Please contact: Karim 010 122 0235. Hurghada
Small/medium Cressi frog fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Large titanium, 5mm, one piece suit, $100 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
5 pocket padded Mares weightbelt, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Small Technisub Stratus open heel fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Home Help wanted. Lady to look after baby girl during the day and 4 year old daughter after 3pm, and to help in the house with daily tasks. Accomodation provided - studio with telephone, fridge, cooking facilities, TV with satellite channels. One day off per week (Friday) and vacations according to family work schedule. Please contact: Liza El Shaer 012 238 5611 or [email protected] Sharm el Sheikh. 
I am seeking to find an Arabic class or private tutor for this summer (late June through to mid-August) in Sharm El-Sheikh. Please contact: Jenna at [email protected]
Wanted washing machine, TV and AC newish. Please contact: Tuyet 010 510 1792.
El Gouna
Second hand scooter wanted. Any make/model. Please contact: Susann 010 699 2513.
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