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Features & Articles


Learning The HSA Way
by J Baker

Jonathan was the school’s all-round sports star – Captain of every team you could think of. His enthusiasm for all sports was infectious and a motorbike accident 2 years after leaving school, which left him a paraplegic, didn’t dampen his spirit. In fact, it was Jonathan who first introduced me to The Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) – the world's leading authority on recreational diving for people with disabilities.

I had become a certified BSAC Instructor in 1989 and a PADI Instructor in 1991 and it was the right time for a new challenge. Jonathan convinced me to become a HSA Instructor, primarily so he had a life-long buddy!

The HSA was founded in 1981 and operates as an independent diver training and certifying agency. Their diver education programs and Instructor Training Course are internationally recognized. The HSA Instructor Training Course was first introduced in 1986 and since then has trained and certified a network of over 1000 instructors in over 30 countries around the world.

My Instructor Training Course took place at a UK inland quarry site in the middle of the Leicestershire countryside. The 3 day intensive course included 10 hours of lectures on disabilities - what they are and how they relate to diving - followed by a series of confined and open water exercises, designed to simulate disabilities. This included becoming a sight-impaired diver (by wearing a blacked out mask), becoming a paraplegic diver (by having my legs tied together) and by becoming a quadriplegic diver (by not being able to move any part of my body except my head) - communication underwater was through a series of winks and nods. The whole course, from the lectures to the confined and open water exercises, was a real revelation and since certifying as a HSA Instructor I have accompanied Jonathan on a huge number of dives and dived with and taught other disabled people to dive. My buddies and students have ranged from divers with a missing limb, to those who are totally paralyzed and need me to hold their nose to enable them to equalise. To dive with them is an experience which still does not fail to move me.

Local News

Investors Disturbed by Currency Regulations - Public and private sector companies must convert 75% of their foreign currency earnings to LE

The Egyptian Prime Minister has issued a directive regulating the use of foreign currency revenues by Egyptian companies.

The directive stipulates that ministries, economic authorities, public sector companies as well as private sector companies that earn revenues in foreign currency must transfer all their foreign currency revenues to banks operating in Egypt and convert 75% of these proceeds into EGP at the official exchange rate at banks.

All foreign currency proceeds need to be transferred to banks operating in Egypt within a maximum period of three months from the date of the transaction and 75% sold to the banks within a week from the date of transfer.

Entities are allowed to hold 25% of their foreign currency proceeds in foreign currency deposits at banks operating in Egypt to meet "foreign currency obligations towards banks" and be able to finance foreign currency needs for operations.

An exception to the 75% conversion rule is provided where "foreign currency obligations to banks" exceed 25% of a company's foreign currency revenue.

The directive applies retroactively to foreign currency revenues earned since 1 January 2003. Banks will give priority with regard to access to foreign exchange both to companies deriving their revenue in foreign currency and to those that have sold their proceeds to banks. Companies operating in special economic zones and free zones are not subject to these measures.

View Your Phone Bill On-line

You can now view your phone bills on-line ... before you get cut off! Go to and put in your phone number. It's that simple!

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No. 1 Nightlife in Hurghada

Divers Night

Champions League Football

Champions League Football

Divers Night

Play Station Tournament

DVD Night


Quiz Night

Wednesday 9th
Thursday 10th
Saturday 12th

Spring Fever

A wonderful collection of the best summer clothes, gifts and accessories on
Saturday 12th April
from 10.00am to 7.00pm
at Busy Bees Nursery, 383 Central Street, Hurghada
(next to the Oasis Luxury Apartment)
Come along and view - all welcome!

Parents & Kids
Parents & Kids

Better Behaviour - The Star Chart

The best way to keep good behaviour going with your child is to reward it, and a good way to do this is to start a starchart to help you and your child recognise good behaviour.

The idea is that your child receives a star each time he or she behaves well. You decide what your child has to do... and if it gets done, you reward the good behaviour with a star. Once your child collects a set amount of stars, he or she should be rewarded.

Make a starchart and put it up somewhere easy for you all to see. Decide what tasks you think deserve to be rewarded. For example, it could be that you want your child to tidy the toys away each day, or change out of his/her school uniform after school. It's up to you, b
ut the idea is that the task does not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

Tell your child that for 'x' amount of stars on the chart, they will be rewarded with a treat. This is a positive exercise. If your child misbehaves you should not remove any stars. The starchart is only for showing how well your child has done.

The starchart may only last for a week before your child looses interest. Once your child is rewarded for their good behaviour, keep it up. Encourage them. If family members and friends come to the house, point out the chart to them.

Give it a try ... and Good Luck!

For Sale
Pajeo GLX, 3000cc, 1991, 220 K km, 7 seater, all options, well maintained and always reliable. USD 5,000 (Tax free status). Phone Chris, Cairo 02 758 5375, 02 292 0515 or 012 22 88 531.
PC Pentium III Celeron 1Gh, HD WD 60Gb 7200RPM, RAM 256Mb, 32Mb Video, CD-Rom ACER 52X, CD RW Philips 16X10X42X, Fax Modem Motorola 56000, Monitor ACER 15",
Speakers Zoltrix, with software, games & movies. Last price 400 EUR. VCR GoldStar, excellent condition, 100 EUR. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202.
Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick.
2 Mountain Bikes - Peugeot. One almost new, Peugeot TC Origin - 250$. One 3 years old, Peugeot Explorer 110 - 100$. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202. Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick. DVD Player. Pioneer DVL-909 multiregion pal/ntsc, remote control and CD player function one year old. Price LE 1500. Please contact: Karim 010 122 0235. Hurghada
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Long Base
4.2 Lt Petrol, 6 Cylinders, Much Loved Fully Equipped for Long Range Desert Traveling. 1982. $8,000.00 o.n.o. Please contact: Francesco in Sharm on 012 3989 096
Small/medium Cressi frog fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Large titanium, 5mm, one piece suit, $100 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
5 pocket padded Mares weightbelt, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada. Small Technisub Stratus open heel fins, $25 o.n.o. Please contact: Paul or Lisa 012 718 1297. Hurghada.
Second hand scooter wanted. Any make/model. Please contact: Susann 010 699 2513.

Arabic Teacher wanted to teach Arabic twice per week/2 hours per session. Please contact: Vanessa 012 250 8371. El Gouna.

Nursery School Assistant to work part-time (afternoons), leading to full-time, in British run nursery. Must speak good English. Please contact: Sue 065 447314. Hurghada.
Mountain Bike required, new or used. Please contact Jayne. Hurghada.

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