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Features & Articles

What is April Fools Day (1st April) and how did it begin? Well, that is a very good question. The origin of this holiday is rather uncertain. However, the common belief holds that during the reformation of the calendar, the date for the New Year was moved from April 1st to January 1st. During this time in history word spread slowly, there were those who chose to simply ignore the change and those who merely forgot. These people were considered "fools" and invitations to non-existent parties and other practical jokes were played on them. "All Fools' Day" is practiced in many parts of the world with practical jokes and sending people on a fool's errand.

In Scotland, April Fools Day lasts 48 hours. Day two is know as Taily Day and pranks involving the posterior are played. The victim of the practical joke is referred to as "hunting the gowk"; the gowk is the extinct cuckoo bird.

In France, April 1st is called "Poisson d'Avril." French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends' backs. When the "young fool" discovers this trick, the prankster yells "Poisson d’Avril!" (April Fish!)

Día de los Santos Inocentes is held in Spain on December 28th. This is The Feast of the Holy Innocents. It's celebrated similarly to April Fools' Day with practical jokes.

Local News

Egypt Finds Oldest Evidence of Mummification

Egyptian archaeologists have opened a 5,000-year-old wooden coffin in the desert near Cairo to find a pile of bones which they say show the oldest evidence yet found of human mummification in Egypt. T
he bones were covered with a resin used in the mummification process and also covered in remnants of skin.

The coffin was found in one of more than 20 mud-brick tombs, which belonged to officials who had lived between 3100-2890 BC under Egypt's 1st Dynasty.

"We are continuing our excavations to reveal more about the tombs of the officials who ruled Egypt under the Kings of dynasty one," said Mr Zahi Hawass, Egyptian antiquities Chief.

Ancient Egyptians are known to have embalmed bodies between 2613 and 2494 BC. Methods used between 1567-1200 BC were the most effective at preserving the dead, and the remains of King Ramses II, who ruled during that period, have been displayed at the Egyptian Museum. Techniques used between 1085-945 BC were the most elaborate, when the dried, washed and wrapped body was strapped with cloth for protection and covered with jewellery to ward off evil.

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What's On

No. 1 Nightlife in Hurghada

Divers Night

Divers Night

Play Station Tournament



DVD Night

Tuesday 1st
Wednesday 2nd
Thursday 3rd
Saturday 5th
Monday 7th

Kids Day at Villa Kunterbunt, Hurghada.
Friday 4th April - 2pm

Childrens Show and Costume Party with magic from Mr Christelli, Tina The Clown, games, music & dancing, creative paints, costume competition, and snack buffet.

Kids 10 L.E. & Adults 20 L.E.

Parents & Kids
Parents & Kids
If you've ever wanted the perfect way to win at
hide-and-seek, the Tachi Lab at the University of Tokyo has just the thing for you.

Dr. Susumu Tachi, the head of the Tachi Lab, invented a technology he calls "optical camouflage." All you do is put on an "optical camouflage" raincoat, sheet, or piece of cardboard, and anybody who looks at you will see whatever's behind you.

It's not magic, but it certainly looks like it. In fact, just like a lot of magic tricks, it is done with mirrors.

In optical camouflage, the front of the raincoat is coated with thousands of tiny sets of mirrors called retroreflectors. You can't see the individual mirrors because each set is one quarter the width of a human hair. The back of the raincoat has a camera that takes pictures. These pictures are sent to a movie projector. The movie projector bounces the image off of the retroreflectors, and voilá, people can see what's behind the coat!

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Job Title: Safari Guide
Languages: Dutch, German, English
Contact: Will: 012 2705574
For Sale
2 Mountain Bikes - Peugeot. One almost new, Peugeot TC Origin - 250$. One 3 years old, Peugeot Explorer 110 - 100$. Please contact: Sorin 012 431 4202. Sharm, Naama Bay, Movenpick.
Mothercare Baby Bottle Warmer for large and small bottles. Good condition. 30 LE Please contact: Julie 065 447309. Hurghada.
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Long Base
4.2 Lt Petrol, 6 Cylinders, Much Loved Fully Equipped for Long Range Desert Traveling. 1982. $8,000.00 o.n.o. Please contact: Francesco in Sharm on 012 3989 096
DVD Player. Pioneer DVL-909 multiregion pal/ntsc, remote control and CD player function one year old. Price LE 1500. Please contact: Karim 010 122 0235. Hurghada

Arabic Teacher wanted to teach Arabic twice per week/2 hours per session. Please contact: Vanessa. 012 250 8371. El Gouna.

Nursery School Assistant to work part-time (afternoons), leading to full-time, in British run nursery. Must speak good English. Please contact : Sue 065 447314. Hurghada.
Mountain Bike required, new or used. Contact Jayne. Hurghada.

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