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Features & Articles

The Truth About Becoming Rastified!
By the Pange

Eleven days ago I had an urge to do these cool looking braid thingys, so I just did it! BUT here's my advice for anyone who wants to go for the rastification look:

1. Don´t freak out and take them apart on the first night!! You will feel uncomfortable & itchy ... actually, this feeling doesn´t really go away, but you will get used to it!

2. Wash your rastas! For the first 5 days after having the rastas put in I didn´t wash my hair as I was completely confused by the advice of my friends. Half told me to wash them, the other half said, "No way". In the end I took the plunge and washed them ... after washing you will feel slightly more comfortable. My washing tip - use a baby shampoo as the suds rinse out more easily, and massage your scalp while you're at it.

3. Make sure the color of extensions suits you! I chose a very light yellow, which I thought would make lovely highlights, but in the end, with a head full of yellow extensions, I just look like one big banana walking down the street!

4. If available use extensions made with real or synthetic hair. My extensions are a synthetic/wool mix which are really nasty to sleep on at night, I literally feel like a human mop, they feel like a hat I just want to take off all the time, and forget about cuddling with anyone - these rough, hard antennas on your head are just a turn off!

5. My last tip - bring along alot of food and activities when having the rastas put in. I was sitting on the ground for 7 hours while this man pulled and tugged on my hair - I was starving and sooooooo bored! After all that I was the definition of "grumpy"!

What is the expected life time of the average rasta?
1 - 2 months

How long will I keep mine?
They will be removed tonight because they are driving me nuts (a total of 11 days)

Was it worth it?
It looks really cool, but mama mia it is so annoying!

Would I recommend it?
Yes .... if you have patience!

Will I do it again?
Maybe for a cool party - maximum 3 days - but if my real hair is destroyed I´ll never do it again.

Does it destroy your real hair?
I hope not, but I will see tonight ....

.... what condition is Pangie's "real" hair in, does she have ANY left?!*! Find out in the next issue!

Hitting the Town

It was our BIG night out – “the girls” were hitting the town! We entered the disco to loud music and flashing lights … and the hotel animation team dancing to the birdy song!! This was the Marlin Inn Mini Disco!!

The evening started with the very enthusiastic animation team encouraging a group of 2 to 11 year olds to dance, some of which were doing so with much enthusiasm, and some, like my 2 year old daughter, which were a little bemused. The dancing was followed by a few games, which included hide-and-seek and musical chairs, before the lights came on and we all headed home … and were in bed by 9pm!!

The Marlin Inn Mini Disco (Hurghada) takes place every evening at 7.30pm and is something else to considering doing with your children … sit back, relax and laugh for an hour, while they bop, play or just gorpe!

A Day In The Life Of …

Said Mohammed Ahmed and Oscar, his Camel, work at the Hilton Resort, Hurghada, providing camel rides along the beach to tourists and residents alike.

What time do you work on the beach?
We are on the beach from 10am to 4pm each day.

How much does Oscar eat and drink each day when he is working?
He can eat up to 20kgs of grass per day and drink up to 30 liters of water a day when it is hot! So quite a lot!!

How old is Oscar?
He is 15 years old now. He will be able to work until he is about 25 years old, until knee problems prevent him from further work. Camels working on the beach are prone to knee problems as they get up and down so many times a day! During the peak season he can give up to 70 rides a day! In the low season this can be a few as 10 rides per day.

How much does a camel cost to buy?
About 3,000LE. But a working camel can cost up to 4,000LE.

Do all camels bite?
When a camel is just a baby you can tell if they will be a “biting” camel or not. If they bite you when you touch them they will always bite! These camels are no good for working on the beach.

How long can a camel go without water for in the desert?
They can go without water for about 10 days.

Local Issues

Increase in Marine Park Fees?

The word on the street is that Marine Park Fees are to be increased from $2 to $3 per person. We are trying to confirm that this will be the case and if so, when this will take place. Look out for the next Newsletter for more information.

Metro Center, Hurghada.

When IS the Metro Center going to be opened?!! The last we heard, it was to open in January 2003 - well, we're nearly into February, so that can't be the case. We haven't been able to get a firm date for the opening, but we'll keep trying and as soon as there is any more news, it will appear in this Newsletter first!

What's On

The Moonlight Cinema in Hurghada shows films every night at 6.30pm, 9.30pm and 12.30am and the films are changed each Wednesday. The cinema usually shows one English film and one Arabic film simultaneously, however, there are occasions when only Arabic films are shown. This usually happens during the summer months and when an important Muslim holiday is taking place.

A new disco has recently opened in the Ali Baba Palace Hotel, Hurghada, and features, for the first time in Egypt, a "foam" disco. The Black Out is open every Tuesday evening from 10pm onwards. If you have had first hand experience of the foam, please email us with your views at [email protected].

Eid Al-Adha ("The Feast of the Sacrifice") takes place on the tenth of Dhu Al-Hijja of the Islamic calendar, and commemorates Abraham's willingness and obedience to sacrifice his son Ishmael to God (and God's mercy in substituting a lamb for Ishmael). This feast is part of the Haj and for those on the Hajj, and for many others, the day begins with the sacrifice of an animal in commemoration of the Angel Gabriel's substitution of a lamb as Abraliam's sacrificial obligation. One-third of the meat is given to the poor, with the remainder shared with neighbors and family members. This holiday is then celebrated in much the same way as Eid Al-Fitr - with good food, gifts for children and general merrymaking.

Parents & Kids Guide

Mothers & Toddlers Group

Busy Bees Nursery, located next to the Oasis apartments on Central Street in Hurghada, holds a Mothers & Toddlers group every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm. This is a good opportunity to meet other mums and have a natter, while the children amuse themselves. If you would like to attend, just turn up or call Sue at the nursery on : 065 447314.

The Intercontinental Hotel Playground

The Intercontinental Hotel, Hurghada, has a great playground for children which can be used by local residents at a cost of 10LE per day per child. The playground has a large area for children to run around in and has a number of swings, slides, see-saws and play houses, all of which are in good condition. There isn't much shade provided though, so do remember hats and suntan lotion. However, a big advantage of the playground is that it is grass, which makes a nice change to sand! There is also a lovely dolphin shaped swing especially for babies - the only "real" baby swing we have located, so far, in Hurghada.

Marlin Inn Mini Disco

The Marlin Inn Hotel, Hurghada, holds a mini disco every evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. The dancing and games are lead by the hotel's enthusiastic animation team. See Features & Articles for more information.

Coming in the next issue ....

  • The hotel with choo-choo train, playground AND zoo!
  • A review of the Marine Club (Hurghada) playground
  • A review of the Sindbad Hotel (Hurghada) playground


For Sale
Cleaner: wanted for 2 or 3 times per week for general household cleaning. Please contact: Gillian. Hurghada. 010 193 1232 Baby bottle steriliser. Sterilises 6 large bottles at once in 10 minutes. Easy to operate and keep clean. 30LE. Please contact: Julie. Hurghada. 065 447309 
Tennis Partner/Coach: to play once or twice per week. Beginner/intermediate. Please contact: Julie. Hurghada. 065 447309

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